With Gleaming Eyes

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The USS Athena is dispatched to provide urgent relief to an outlying Cardassian colony, Ithaca II. Recently many of the Cardassian occupying force has become sick and they need help - with the Cardassian government refusing to intervene, Starfleet wants to provide a rapid response to assist.

But is the sickness all they believe it to be? Or is it just one symptom of a deeper problem?

Start Date Wed Sep 15th, 2021 @ 12:59pm

Mission Summary

Originally home to a species called the Metis, the Ithaca system was never particularly valuable in a strategic sense and never saw much attention from the various Cardassian governments. The population, now a mix of Metis natives and long-serving Cardassian occupiers, has been considering their place since the end of the Dominion war and is on the verge of declaring independence.

In recent weeks many of the population - particularly the Cardassians - have been becoming sick. Their limited resources mean they cannot meet the medical requirements, and they need outside help. With the central Cardassian government apathetic to their need, they have asked the Federation for humanitarian aid.

The truth of the problem stems from an airborne agent that has been released into the atmosphere; but was it a natural event or a deliberate attempt to poison the Cardassians?

General options for sub-storylines:

- MEDICAL & SCIENCE: Support helping the locals with the sick and infirm, seek a reason for the problem and investigate a cure.

- ENGINEERING: Look into the mining operations, which are in a dangerously run-down state as many of the workers are pulled due to sickness.

- SECURITY: Support in keeping the peace amid the unrest among the suspicious populace.

- OTHERS: Work with the local government to maintain a sense of peace and support relief efforts.