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Lieutenant Didrea Zade

Name Didrea Zade

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 140
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Her hair is curly and stops at the shoulders, and she usually pins half of it back so it's out of her face. Zade has a subtle bump on her throat that can sometimes be confused as an Adam's apple, but it's from an artificial voice box implanted after hers were destroyed. She always wears a small and simple silver locket, but it can only be seen when she’s off duty. For safety reasons and to follow code, she keeps it under her uniform when working, and would only take it off if the situation required her to. When deep in thought, she tends to bite the inside of her cheek.

The spots starting at her forehead, down the sides of her neck, and trailing down her front as two distinct lines is a typical marking of a Trill, and they continue down the legs and fade out at the toes.


Father Konai (missing, presumed deceased, formerly had the Kal symbiont)
Mother Ictowa (deceased)
Sister(s) Xobea (missing, presumed deceased)
Other Family Close friend: Nayisa Wrea (last known posting: USS Athena)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zade, who prefers to be called by her last name, never seems to fully switch between work and leisure and tends to keep her guard up all the time. Despite this, she doesn’t mind socializing and usually won’t turn down an invitation. One of the first things people may notice is the “accent” due to her voice box: the inflections can sound like a variant of the ship’s computer, and it tends to be more noticeable when Zade has to pronounce new, complex words. She’s learned to express certain emotions differently because her voice box can’t process the sound. If her implant is ever disrupted, she's completely mute and has to rely on a pocket translator, which rests inside its own disruptor-resistant box. Because of this, she knows sign language.

It takes effort to make Zade truly mad (most of the time, something will just annoy her), but one sore spot is the man who killed her parents. When she does get mad, she tends to go punch something in the holodeck or drink.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Agile
+ Good reflexes
+/- Insists on being prepared, even if the preparation is excessive
- Can be rendered mute by a decent power disruption
- Stubborn and doesn’t like being vulnerable
Ambitions Her main ambition is to improve herself and be stronger than the person she was yesterday, which took root from her hatred for Darius. While it was unlikely to happen, she strives to be strong enough to beat him the next time she sees him, and it would put her mind at ease to see him either dead or in prison.
Hobbies & Interests A good portion of the time, she tends to practice martial arts and improve her reflexes. She enjoys Velocity in particular, but is open to the suggestions of others. While a relatively outdated sport given the tech-oriented state of the universe, Zade likes archery and can sometimes be found practicing it. Her secret interest is that she likes to bake (though it’s hard for her to take a compliment).

Personal History Zade was born near the end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, but had a fairly normal childhood. Her father gained a symbiont when she was 7, which inspired her to become a joined Trill someday. She studied the vermiform creatures in school and spent many hours preparing for the Trill Symbiosis Initiate Program. The main concern she had about becoming a host was if she’d lose herself after joining with a symbiont, so she waited until she was confident enough to enter the program, which didn’t happen until she was 19. It was the longest and most challenging three years of her life, but she managed to pass in 2383.

After the Initiate Program, Zade needed to figure out what she wanted to do with her life while she waited for a symbiont. She attended a local university on Trill and met named Darius Wulfe, someone who appeared human, in her second year. He seemed nice, and soon enough the two would hang out often. Darius would help her with schoolwork, and Zade would show him her favorite spots to hang out. Zade eventually introduced him to her parents, and the only one who did not warm up to him was her father. Konai warned Zade to stay away from Darius because “something was not quite right about that one.” Zade wasn’t sure what to make of her father’s words and didn’t really see what he saw until six months later. Zade and Darius were going on a walk when a stranger came up to them, and Darius excused himself to privately converse with the fellow. The only thing she caught from the conversation was “the weapons you asked for,” which made Zade nervous. When she asked him about it, Darius told her to not worry about it and to keep her nose out of his business or else.

Zade couldn’t keep herself out of it. She resolved to figure out what he was doing so she could report him. That ended up backfiring in the worst way possible. One day in 2384, Zade came home from her classes to find her parents dead on the floor, with Darius standing over their bodies, with Zade’s younger sister as a hostage. Zade pleaded with him to let her go, and Darius told her that as long as she was around to rat him out, he needed leverage, but if he got rid of her then it wouldn’t be an issue. Darius then attacked Zade and slashed her throat with a knife, but it luckily missed anything vital. Zade managed to get away, scared and unsure if her sister survived, and make it to the nearest hospital, where she found out that Darius had severely damaged her vocal cords, meaning that she wouldn’t be able to speak again unless she got an implant. Through yes/no questions and the help of some note-writing, Zade agreed to the implant, and she spent several months afterward doing speech therapy to help the implant adapt to how she used to speak. Zade spent the same several months in a state of near-paranoia, fearing that Darius would come back, but she was still able to get an investigation started and give the investigators a description. During her speech therapy, she met a woman named Nayisa Wrea, who was a couple years younger than her, in physical therapy for an extreme-sport injury, and they soon became friends.

During the rest of Zade’s recovery, she changed: she went from bright and happy to depressed and vengeful. It pained Zade to not be able to save her family, but she knew killing Darius wouldn’t make it better. She learned that the Kal symbiont went missing following the incident, and the idea that the only remaining part of her father was missing. Nayisa, concerned about Zade’s well being, mentioned that when she was done with physical therapy, that she was going to enroll in Starfleet and asked if Zade wanted to join her. Not really having anywhere else to go, Zade agreed, and when both of them finished their respective therapies they enrolled and got accepted into Starfleet. Nayisa was really interested in the strategic operations side of things, whereas Zade was interested in security, but they often studied together. About halfway through the academy, Zade got word that the investigation was being closed because they couldn’t find any clues that would lead to Darius’ whereabouts, which meant that her sister was likely dead. It was then that Zade promised to avenge her parents and sister and hit Darius with justice.

By 2389, both of them successfully completed Starfleet Academy. It was there that they parted ways, but they promised each other that they would keep in touch, but before they parted, Nayisa promised Zade that she would try to find clues that would lead to Darius, and Zade agreed. Over the next seven years, Zade honed her skills and learned the hard way that she couldn’t let her anger toward Darius get in the way of her duties. Despite this, Zade hasn't yet considered what she'd do if she encountered Darius again...
Service Record 2389 : USS Destiny, Ensign - Security Officer
2391 : USS Memoria, Ensign - Security Officer
2393 : Science Vessel Colossal, Ensign - Security Officer
2394 : Science Vessel Colossal, Lieutenant JG - Assistant Security Chief
2396 : USS Athena, Lieutenant - Chief of Security