The Sim

The USS Athena is the tip of the spear: one of Starfleet’s mighty Prometheus-class starships assigned to defend the borders and protect the innocent citizens of the Federation. We keep the peace, but stand ready for war. We stand for justice - and we have the teeth to administer it. Forming part of one of Obsidian Fleet’s finest task forces, we are steadfastly dedicated to safeguarding peace in the Alpha Quadrant.

In simming terms, we're basically huge fans of the Star Trek universe and we want to have some fun in that environment! The idea of a futuristic utopian society might seem like a dream, but for us it's what we love to explore and challenge ourselves with. Our missions are designed to push us to examine the same moral and intellectual questions that classic Trek does, be that through asking how one might interpret the Prime Directive, or what membership in a quadrant-spanning Federation of Planets actually means.

Right now we’re looking for players that are above all collaborative, interested in creating amazing character stories and crafting those alongside others. Whether you want to get into the thick of the action or set about bringing a diplomatic solution - we want you!

We're a diverse group, from highly experienced writers to folks who are pretty new to this whole thing and just want to have some casual fun writing together. We're accepting of pretty-much everyone - just like the Federation!


As the GM and CO of the simm, I think this quote from Captain Pike perfectly encapsulates the philosophy of what I want the Athena to be.

We're a crew that believes in service to one another as writers and players - we care about each other and our characters. We want to make this the best experience we can, and that means working together and above all collaborating. Team work makes the dream work, right?

We're a crew that believes in sacrifice - because being in Starfleet does mean we are committed to sacrificing our characters' lives and goals for others.

We're a crew that believes in compassion for one another and for ourselves. This is a place to unwind, have some fun, and escape from the world. Of course writing and playing together is a hobby 100% of the time. And I'll never treat it as something that should always be your first thought in life. But our crew are a family, and we care about each other.

If you believe in those same morals, then maybe you’re ready to join the crew of the USS Athena as well.

Partner Sims

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