USS Athena    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Bridge   Main command and operations centre for the USS Athena.
Captains Ready Room   Formal office space for the ships Commanding Officer.
Briefing Room   A formal location for officers to meet and discuss the matters of the day.
Executive Officers Office   A quiet space for the ships Executive Officer to do one of the most important jobs on the ship...........The paper work!
Mess Hall   Primary dining facility for officers and crew.
Science Labs   Primary research facilities for the ship.
Astrometrics Lab   The Astrometrics lab provides the Athena with state of the mapping capabilities and enhanced short range and deep space sensors.
Engineering   If the bridge is considered the brains of a ship the engineering can definitely be considered the heart.
The Lounge   The primary rest and recreation place for the crew.
Transporter Rooms   Beam us up Chief!
Main Sickbay   The primary medical care facility for the ship and crew.
Intelligence Suite   Intelligence Suite and Chief Inteligence Officer's Office