With Gleaming Eyes

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The USS Athena is dispatched to provide urgent relief to an outlying Cardassian colony, Ithaca II. Recently many of the Cardassian occupying force has become sick and they need help - with the Cardassian government refusing to intervene, Starfleet wants to provide a rapid response to assist.

But is the sickness all they believe it to be? Or is it just one symptom of a deeper problem?

Character Development

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For any posts/arcs that are not directly relevant to the ongoing mission - particularly for times when we're on downtime between active storylines!

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The USS Athena is held up in drydock for systems overhaul - and an opportunity for the ship's new Commanding Officer to refresh his command crew.

By Artemis' Bow

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The USS Athena is dispatched to the Iuvat system, where scientists are studying rare spaceborne creatures they have dubbed 'Pilgrims'; only appearing every few thousand years in our galaxy. Unfortunately a band of pirate poachers has been sighted in the area, apparently hunting these creatures due to their rarity and value. The crew are tasked with protecting these rare and wonderful creatures as well as the science team studying them.

In the Family

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The USS Athena, complete with a fresh new command crew, has been dispatched to the remote Paratus system, escorting a Federation Ambassador to complete the final stages of the Paratans' membership in the Federation.

The Shadow of Arachne

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The Athena picks up a distress signal from the USS Pico, which has become disabled by a rare ionic storm while travelling close to the Badlands.

Intending to provide aid to their stricken ally, the Athena is suddenly drawn into a conflict with a mysterious enemy that seems intent on destroying them.

With limited options to escape, the ship is forced to take refuge in the Badlands, starting a deadly game of cat-and-mouse...

War Games

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Task Force 72 War Games