The Trojan Horse

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A Federation Ambassador has been kidnapped during peace negotiations and is being held at one of the most formidable prison complexes in the quadrant. Joined by a cadre of elite Starfleet Marines, can the USS Athena save the Ambassador in time?

Start Date Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 3:30pm

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Title Timeline Location
A Change of Pace
by Lieutenant Commander Krol, Son of K'vek & Commodore Jacob Kane
After the kidnapping. USS Valiant. Loki Sector, Near Naghel System
New Responsibilities
by Lieutenant JG Nayisa Wrea & Lieutenant Commander P’rel M.D
After "A Slap On The Wrist" Intel Offices
A Little Added Spice (MISSION START)
by Commodore Jacob Kane
MD-01 Starfleet Headquarters
The Fires of Liberation
by Commodore Jacob Kane & Darius Wulfe
Prologue Podreia Sigma, Naghel IV Star System

Mission Summary