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Commander N'Garzi Zora

Name N'Garzi Zora

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 146

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10”
Weight 149lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description N'Garzi is very distinctive in her outward appearance. The first thing most people notice are her waist length dreadlocks, though when she is on duty she normally has these in an up-do style, or dressed in some kind of headwrap, giving a more formal appearance. She has multiple piercings in both ears and often wears jewellery on her forehead that isn’t strictly inline with Starfleet regulations.

N'Garzi has a number of tattoos that cover her chest and both arms. Humans would probably describe them as being tribal in nature but to N'Garzi they are rooted in her religious and ancestral beliefs. When not on duty she isn’t afraid to show off her lithe frame and wears a lot of clothes reminiscent of Earth’s Kenyan region of Earth, a lot of bright colours and many accessories that highlight her beauty.

People who meet N'Garzi are often greeted with a genuine smile, kind eyes, and a person who gives off warmth, compassion, and sincerity. She has a big heart and this is evident from just a mere moment in her presence. She appears to be in her thirties, even though she is nearly a century and a half years old.


Spouse Tahleea Zora (Divorced), Telrot Zora (Divorced)
Children Kofi Zora (103), Esi Zora (109)
Father Zitul Aran (deceased)
Mother Kamari Aran (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview N'Garzi is calm, collected and measured. These words are often used to describe Vulcans but she is nothing like the emotionless species. She is also nothing like the emotional and impulsiveness that’s often associated with humans. Instead she is a nice blend between the two, able to express her emotions but in a controlled way. N'Garzi prefers to listen to others first instead of wading in with her thoughts and opinions, something that is renowned for her species in general. When she does have something to say, it is always well thought out and considered, meaning her words have more weight because she doesn’t feel the need to fill the silence with endless chit chat.

This isn’t to say that N'Garzi always has a handle on things, as this isn’t the case. Like most people she has a darker side that can show itself when she is scared, angry, or in extreme situations. She doesn’t like people to see this side of her personality and will do her absolute best to not show it if she doesn’t have to. She isn’t a fan of losing control of her emotions and would much rather be regarded as exotic and mysterious.

N'Garzi doesn’t mind social settings but much prefers the intimacy of being in a small group or on a one-on-one basis and getting to know people in this way. She is a keen observer of people, especially humans who she finds completely intriguing. Her species are often attributed to being astute and though N'Garzi has known many El-Aurians that would not fit that description, she doesn’t mind it being applied to herself. She has been known to let her hair down from time to time, something she likes to do every now and again, just to throw off people who think they know her.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Wise, good listener, empathetic, compassionate, loyal, friendly.
(-) Fear of big bodies of water, not very technical, can act with her heart and not her head, a little naive, sometimes too trusting.
Ambitions To make the universe a slightly brighter place.
Hobbies & Interests Music (listening and playing), plays the; piano, violin, flute, guitar, and harp. Spiritual well being, yoga, meditation, cooking, dancing, gymnastics, history, politics, reading, mysteries.

Personal History N'Garzi was born to two loving parents, Zitul and Kamari Aran, in 2251. They lived in the Ilakh Colony, a mere 11 lightyears from the El-Aurian homeworld. She was a loving child and made her parents both very proud and extremely happy. That all changed when N'Garzi was 14 years old and their ruthless enemy, known as the Borg, invaded her homeworld and decimated the population. The colonists knew it was only a matter of time before the Borg came for them too and so they made the tough decision to leave everything they knew and loved behind, to find a new planet to call home, one where they would be safe from the Borg threat. The colonists miscalculated the effectiveness of the Borg and the attack came much earlier than they had anticipated. Several hundred people died during the invasion, including N'Garzi’s parents.

The group spent the next few years getting as far away from the Borg as they could whilst trying to find somewhere they could call home. Though N'Garzi missed her parents dearly, she grew to love the adventure and opportunities that travelling through space offered them. Eventually they found a small planet that was far from any claimed space and decided to make it their new home. They called it Ecolia, meaning freedom in El-Aurian. N’garzi lived there for a few years but grew more and more frustrated in the group’s paranoid and xenophobic ways. She wanted adventure and excitement and she wasn’t the only one. When she was 25 she set off with a group of around 900 like minded individuals, their only mission to explore the galaxy and learn as much about the universe as they could.

It was during this time that N’Garzi met, fell in love with, and married Telrot and Tahleea Zora. She found that being married to two people wasn’t much different than being married to one, except she found she had much more emotional and physical support at the times when she needed it most. The three of them complemented each other rather well and spent 8 happy years together before they decided to settle down and raise a family together. Tahleea couldn’t have children and so the responsibility fell to N’Garzi, one she was happy to fulfil. In 2294 she gave birth to a beautiful boy and called him Kofi, 6 years later she had another boy and named him Esi. The five of them spent many happy years together but she always felt the pull of the stars and the millions of alien species still waiting to be discovered. Telrot and Tahleea were very happy with their home in the Beta Quadrant, far from the Borg, and would have had more and more children if they could have convinced N’Garzi to do so.

When Kofi turned 30, N’Garzi decided that it was time for her to continue with her journey of self exploration and leave the place she had called home. She tried to convince the others to join her but they no longer felt the appeal of deep space and neither did her sons. During her adventures she travelled across the Beta and Alpha quadrant, meeting a number of species and people from all walks of life. At times she settled in the same place for years and others mere days. Either way she felt free and enjoyed learning about the galaxy from different points of view and perspectives.

In 2367 she found herself serving aboard a Bolian freighter when she heard a word she thought she had long left behind, from deep in her past; the Borg were heading for sector 001. N’Garzi had spent nearly a decade with humans previous to this and though she found them resourceful, she had no doubt in her mind that when they fell, and they would fall - no one survived the Borg, then the Federation wouldn’t be too far behind. N’Garzi was no longer the person she had grown to become, she was 14 years old again, watching her home planet get destroyed, watching her parents get assimilated, leaving everything she knew behind. She had all but given up hope when the impossible happened, Starfleet had defeated the Borg! Yes the Borg had caused destruction, and yes many had died in the battle, but Starfleet had triumphed. Starfleet had saved her.

Five years later N’Garzi graduated from Starfleet Academy, majoring in Communications and Linguistics, minoring in Diplomacy. Due to her age and life experience she found her time at the academy rather interesting, though the last year was overshadowed by the war with the Klingons and the looming threat of the Dominion. Her first posting aboard the USS Churchill took her to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant, conducting first and second contact for potential Federation members. This was where she found herself when the Borg attacked for the second time and the Dominion war started. She was kept out of most of the conflict due to the ship’s important mission of bringing in new Federation membership and protecting the supply lines back to the war zone. At the end of the war, N’Garzi transferred to the Federation Diplomatic Corp (FDC) under the mentorship of Ambassador Vron and helped out with the rebuilding efforts of the Cardassian Union. It wasn’t long before she found herself back aboard a starship, the USS Kenilworth, still helping to keep the peace across the galaxy, this time in the Gamma Quadrant. They were tasked with stabilising the area after some of the smaller species tried to take advantage of the Dominion’s defeat at the hand of the Federation-Klingon-Romulan Alliance.

N’Garzi enjoyed this and would have stayed in the Gamma quadrant had the Romulan star not gone supernova and she felt the call of the FDC again. She spent the next few years helping the FDC and their mission to provide aid to all the Romulan refugees in any way she could. Probably because of what happened to her own people after the Borg attack, she found a kinship with the Romulans. She spent the next few years at the academy in both an advisory role and teaching one. However, it wasn’t long until she felt the call of exploration once again...
Service Record 2372 - USS Churchill - Ensign - Communications Officer
2374 - USS Churchill - Lieutenant (JG) - Chief Communications Officer
2375 - Federation Diplomatic Corp (FDC) - Lieutenant (JG) - Ambassador's Aide
2378 - FDC - Lieutenant - Diplomatic Officer
2381 - USS Kenilworth - Lieutenant - Diplomatic Officer
2384 - USS Kenilworth - Lieutenant Commander - First Officer
2387 - FDC - Lieutenant Commander - General Relief Officer
2392 - Starfleet Academy - Lieutenant Commander - Cadet Liaison
2395 - Starfleet Academy - Lieutenant Commander - Diplomacy Lecturer
2397 - USS Athena - Commander - First Officer