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Jerant van Rijn

Name Jerant van Rijn

Position Counselor's Aide

Character Information

Gender Male
Species ¼ Human/¾ Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 174lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color bright green/blue
Physical Description Jerant is of average height and built, not particularly skinny but not particularly muscled either. More like a little lithe in figure. Though his eyes are green/blue in colour they are of such depth that they easily betray his Betazoid nature. His skin is a little paler, in comparison to the average Human.


Father Antonius van Rijn (Human/Betazoid)
Mother Alara van Rijn (Betazoid)
Sister(s) Anita (2367), Patricia (2373)
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very quiet, yet very intelligent. Showed an aptitude for language from a very early age, as well as a need to help others.
Strengths & Weaknesses strength: knowledge of language, fast on his feet
weakness: physically not very strong, lousy shot, non-combatant
Ambitions Learn as many languages, and their dialects, as he can to be of best service to the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Like his old friend Savin, loves baseball however when on his own he practices Parkour. He will grab every opportunity while on shoreleave to try out new cities and towns.

Personal History Born in 2368, Jerant is the second child of Antonius and Alara van Rijn. Due to his parent's heritage, Jerant is three-quarters Betazoid and one quarter Human.

He grew up on Earth, in a city called Zaandam, where from an early age he traveled frequently to Amsterdam and beyond for his education. Since from a very early age on he showed aptitude for language, his parents did everything to make sure their only son was exposed to as many of them as possible.

When he was ten years old, his parents sent him to Vulcan, where he met a young deaf Vulcan boy close to his own age. They became vast friends and the boy taught him Vulcan sign language. In turn, Jerant helped him with communications with non-deaf individuals as neither were too skilled in their telepathy yet - even though Jerant is born telepathic. Though Vulcan, Savin was only just discovering his mental capabilities.

For Jerant, his telepathic talents manifested themselves at a very young age, unlike like full blooded Betazoid adolescents. Thus, his mother tried to help him as best as she could as she's full Betazoid. His father's talents don't really go beyond empathy.

After his return to Earth, Jerant stayed in contact with his Vulcan friend and soon learned that the boy was attending starfleet academy. It was unfortunate that Jerant had other interests and didn't really fancy joining the military. As such, after graduation he lost sight of his friend and each went their own way.

As a professional linguist, and civillian intelligence operative, Jerant also went from assignment to assignment, until finally, in 2391 he found himself aboard the USS Seraphina where, much to his surprise he was reunited with his old friend, who had been rescued from the USS Aries, which had been destroyed after it had been hijacked by Borg.

While on the Seraphina, Jerant met with a very interesting half Andorian, Half Betazoid young male named J'Anitar Akeen, which whom he swiftly fell in love. It didn't take long for the two to form a relationship and their bond only seems to grow stronger as time goes on.

However when his best friend Savin was reassigned, Jerant felt it was his duty to provide him with his services and as such left his mate behind. Contact waned as time progressed and their bond disappeared. Jerant is extremely loyal to Savin.

After a brief stint on the IRW Kholhr, Jerant stayed with Savin most of his time away from Starfleet, helping him come to terms with his discoveries. Also helped him through the tough time getting used to sounds when Savin had his surgery. Now, Jerant followed him to the Firebird, once more serving as his interpreter as needed. When he's not in service to Savin, he offers his time as linguist to any personnel that need such services.

While serving on the Firebird, Jerant was given an impossible choice: enlist with starfleet to remain on the ship, or be deported off the ship as it had to reduce it's amount of civilians serving on board. Reluctantly, Jerant chose enlistment so he could still serve his best friend.

After Savin was falsely accused of dereliction of duty, and subsequently cleared and transferred to the Imperator, Jerant promptly resigned from Starfleet to serve his best friend once more. He hated being forced to enlist and now free once more, he chooses once again his loyalty for Savin. Even though their situation is a little awkward since Jerant confessed having feelings for his Romulan friend.

Now assigned to the USS Athena, Jerant still does what he likes to do best: solve linguistical issues, assist his best friend and jump from buildings on the holodeck. Aside from that, he's actually making a few new friends and he's even finding himself in love with the chief of operations, Xavier Leiko. He's reluctant to move however, as he's a little afraid of getting his feeling hurt, or even moving too fast.

After being stuck in a shuttle with Xavier as part of a quarantine, Jerant only felt his feelings intensify.
Service Record 2384-2391 - various assignments while studying linguistics and after graduation
2391 - Assigned to USS Seraphina, civillian intelligence operative and counselor's personal translator
2393 - Assigned to IRW Kholhr, counselor's assistant
2394 - Assigned to USS Firebird, counselor's aide
2395 - Assigned to USS Imperator, counselor's aide
2396 - Assigned to USS Athena, counselor's aide