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Lieutenant Commander Savin

Name Savin

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 174lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Physically, Savin is the spitting image of his father, Saryn, apart from the brown hair, which he inherited from his mother. Does not have the brow ridges which are typical for the Romulan species.


Father Saryn
Mother T'Vin
Brother(s) Sodon
Other Family Paternal aunt: T'Ral

Personality & Traits

General Overview Savin doesn't adhere too much to the code of 'non-emotionalism' for Vulcans. On occasion he is known to offer the smallest hint of a smile, and his feelings are often displayed in his eyes. He is fluent in sign language, always making use of it without being consciously aware of it. He is completely deaf, though he is adept at giving off the impression that he isn't, so long as someone is facing his way and has his complete attention.

Doesn't use contractions when he speaks, is very expressive and most of the time (unconsciously) signs as he speaks. Unless he is consciously hiding his handicap, then he will not sign.

Savin had no knowledge of his Romulan heritage since his parents chose to hide this form him and his brother. However during his brief assignment to Leto colony his heritage was discovered, which greatly unsettled the young Vulcan. He chose to take some time away from Starfleet to explore his lost heritage and come to terms with this new-found identity. At the same time, he also opted for life-changing surgery which would return some of his hearing, at least enough to distinguish sound from silence.

While on his way to the Imperator however, had the then chief medical undo the procedure as what little he did hear was only like an annoyance to him and a distraction that disabled him from doing his job.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Easygoing, ability to calm people, able to hide his deafness, touch-telepath
Weakness: prone to anger, deaf, can't swim

Savin's biggest strength is his ability to relate to emotion as he himself has learned to deal with them due to his deaf nature. He relies on expression and body language to deduct another's meaning, if he can't directly see what they're saying.

Though not afraid of it, Savin doesn't like complete darkness as he doesn't like being robbed of yet another sense. Complete darkness robs him of his sight, which he relies heavily upon to function like any normal starfleet officer.

What he does fear, is being rendered completely senseless, robbed of both sight, smell and his empathy/telepathy.

As he is deaf, he is usually assisted by his best friend Jerant van Rijn, a 3/4 Betazoid 1/4 Human linguist civilian.
Ambitions Though severely hindered by his disability, Savin doesn't let this daunt him and endeavours to be one of the best counselors in his field.

Some day, learn how to swim while not losing his sense of direction when in the water. He was excused from learning how to swim when it became apparent that he couldn't do more but keep himself afloat. As soon as he got under water, he lost his sense of direction/balance and panicked.
Hobbies & Interests In his free time, Savin enjoys playing baseball, a game he picked up on Earth and grew rather fond of. He isn't exactly good at batting, but does offer a mean pitch. Like his father and adopted sister, Savin is an adept user of sign language, as his aunt is deaf and he himself is also deaf.

Personal History Savin is born in 2362, on Vulcan, just outside one of the major cities. He is the eldest son of Saryn and T'Ris.

During his childhood, Savin picked up a fondness for caring for animals, and has always had pets, until he joined his father on the Challenger, as a medical apprentice. While he attended highschool, he was captain of the school's baseball team.

Savin shares his father's intolerance for lactose and is allergic to fish. Adept at sign language due to necessary use from an early age on, when his hearing defect was established. It is an inoperable defect, though when the opportunity would arise, Savin would politely refuse the offer, as his physical limitation is part of who he is.

He is relatively unconscious to his use of sign language, but when made aware he will take the effort to reduce his motioning signals if necessary. Someone who is unaware of his physical condition, would never guess unless told. However, when coming in from a blind spot, it may appear as though the young Vulcan is ignoring the person who talks to him, though wholly unintentional. He will then often resort to the little white lie, that he was preoccupied and will apologise for the inattention.

As he applied to Starfleet medical, Savin originally wanted to become a surgeon but during his first year found he was more adept at being a counselor. Despite his inability to hear, his tutors still found him a good listener as he was good at keeping his attention on a particular person, and they encouraged him to change fields.

Due to his inability, and his carreer switch, Savin took slightly longer to go through the academy, and graduated at age twenty-four. He spent three years on Earth refining his counseling techniques, while taking only station bound or planet bound assignments.

He was en-route to the Tarmline Cluster (Delta Quadrant), which lay next to a metaphasic nebula to assist in a dispute between warring factions, when the ship was attacked by Borg and the crew assimilated. He managed to hide away and remain undiscovered after taking out a few drones himself, though he did so in a badly injured state. He is one of the survivors of the attack.

Three years after serving on the Seraphina, he transferred back to Earth and was finally assigned to a liaison team which was sent to ch'Pur. His additional orders consisted of a psychological study among Romulans and their ability to deal with stressful situations. As such, he was to be assigned to the Kholhr. At the discovery of his Romulan heritage, Savin saw his world shaken up and he had to take some time to himself to come to terms with these new revelations.

While now has accepted that he is in fact not a Vulcan but a Romulan, Savin still identifies himself as Vulcan because that's how he was raised. If asked he will answer that he is Vulcan, which is obviously not a conscious lie. He is however working on learning more about his heritage, and find himself a new path: a delicate balance between what he grew up with and what he was supposed to be.

While on a mission with the Firebird, Savin was falsely accused of dereliction of duty. He was arrested and transported to Empor Nor. After being cleared at his hearing, Savin was offered a fresh start aboard the much larger vessel USS Imperator.

While enjoying his service on the Imperator, Savin distinctly felt the dislike of crewmembers in regards to seeing a counselor. After expressing concerns regarding the XO and his professional relationship with a renegade Starfleet captain, he felt his own relations with the command staff were destroyed. Not sure if they could ever be restored, Savin felt it was better to request a transfer rather than having to walk on egg shells.
Service Record 2362 - Born on Vulcan
2380 - Graduated highschool
2381 - Applied and accepted to Starfleet Medical
2382 - Switches to counseling
2386 - Graduates Starfleet Academy as counselor, Ensign
2386 - 2391 - various starbase or planet bound assignments
~2391 - Assigned to USS Seraphina, as counselor, after his transport to his next assignment was assimilated and subsequently destroyed (Lieutenant j.g.)

Served three years aboard the USS Seraphina before transferring to his current assignment IRW Kholhr

2394 - Transferred to Starfleet vessel USS Firebird, Chief counsellor
2395 - Transferred to USS Imperator - Chief Counselor
2396 - Transferred to USS Athena - Chief Counselor