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Lieutenant JG Nayisa Wrea

Name Nayisa Wrea

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 140
Hair Color Silvery grey
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description The striking thing about Nayisa is the combination of near-white hair and dark eyes. She ended up with a rare genetic mutation that resulted in premature greying of her hair at an incredibly young age, but she likes it because it’s a unique part of her. While she’s gotten used to it, she’s sometimes mistaken for a Betazoid because of how dark her eyes are.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Nayisa is bubbly and energetic, which seems to contradict the “gloomy and sulking” Spook stereotype. She likes making friends and connecting with people, but she tends to say very little about herself to others and will sometimes even say what people want to hear. She keeps the details about herself a closely guarded secret, mostly out of necessity.
Strengths & Weaknesses +An excellent liar. She has years of experience telling people what they want to hear.

+She’s strategic and resourceful.

+Knows how to “program.”

-Knows how to “program.” Her tinkering with “programming” has gotten her into trouble at least twice.

-Pretty guarded and has a hard time trusting people. She doesn't like revealing things about herself and will go lengths to keep her secrets.

-Difficult to keep friends. While she’s an excellent liar, people usually aren't happy when they find out that she lied to them.
Ambitions Not die, gain a friend other than Zade, keep a rank above Ensign.
Hobbies & Interests She likes tinkering with little gadgets, picking them apart and putting them back together. The daredevil in her also likes a challenge.

Personal History Nayisa spent a lot of her youth being a daredevil. Really anything that would give her a thrill, she’d do it, regardless of the risk. Of course, she had her share of injuries, including broken bones, but it never stopped her. She participated in some sort of rock climbing activity on Trill and broke her leg, and it was in the hospital where she met Zade, a girl who had recently lost her family. The two bonded, and they enrolled into Starfleet Academy six months later. Nayisa specialized in operations while Zade went into tactical and security, and the two graduated in 2389.

Nayisa's first posting was Deep Space 7 in the operations department, and in the six months she was at DS7 she found starbase operations to be boring. She transferred to the Meriweather, where she learned that she had an affinity for strategizing and thinking on her feet, and her career transitioned into strategic operations. When she transferred to the Serena, she started collaborating with the intelligence department and would provide her strategic input on certain missions. This pulled her into the world of spooks and secrecy, and she was surprised at how easy it was to put her knowledge to practice.
Service Record Deep Space 7 : Ensign, Operations Officer

USS Meriweather : Ensign, Operations Officer
USS Meriweather : Lt. JG, Strat Ops Officer
USS Meriweather : Ensign, Strat Ops Officer [Reason for demotion: violation of protocol]

USS Serena : Lt. JG, Strat Ops/Strategic Consultant
USS Serena : Ensign, Strat Ops/Strategic Consultant [Reason for demotion: REDACTED]
USS Serena : Lt. JG, Intelligence Officer
USS Serena : Lt., Intelligence Officer
USS Serena : Lt. JG, Infiltration Specialist [Reason for demotion: REDACTED]

USS Endeavor : Lt., Infiltration Specialist
USS Endeavor : Ensign, Infiltration Specialist [Reason for first demotion: REDACTED. Reason for second demotion: violation of protocol]
USS Endeavor : Lt. JG, Infiltration Specialist

USS Pioneer : Ensign, Infiltration Specialist
USS Pioneer : Lt. JG, Infiltration Specialist
USS Pioneer : Ensign, Infiltration Specialist [Reason for demotion: REDACTED]