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Lieutenant Commander P’rel

Name P’rel M.D

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 93

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Weight 9st
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description P’rel is naturally athletic in stature which is discordant with a life primarily concerned with science, academia and administrative work. Even when on active service, P’rel has rarely been one to engage in particularly physically challenging assignments. A Vulcan Mind Meld Master, she had a less than successful introduction to the practice as an older teenager. P’rel in her ambition, burst a critical blood vessel conjunction in her left temple, resulting in emergency surgery from which she nearly died; cosmetic surgery considered an emotional indulgence in vanity, a scar remained which she chose not to have regenerated when off-world as an adult. She keeps the scar as a personal metaphor that progress can begin in any place, no matter the level of failiability.

P’rel is generally of a neutral expression, and she keeps her hair in a traditional Vulcan cut, albeit mildly shorter than the norm, and this outward typically stoic appearance belies the less than traditional Vulcan underneath. She has a tendency to intensely lock eyes with people when emphasising a point, and has acquired the cultural trope of raising an eyebrow to convey curiosity, surprise or irritation.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Cyvan of Vulcan; Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet (d).
Mother S’ranna of Vulcan; under-Matron of medicine (d).
Brother(s) M’ttan of Vulcan; Ensign, Starfleet (d).
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Silnan Tolbarr. Cardassian Male (24). Engineering Systems Glinn, Cardassian Military. [DECEASED]

Silnan was found by P’rel on Cardassia IV during the relief missions in the wake of the Dominion War. Silnan was 3 years old and one of a group of children being cared for by an older child. The group was almost feral in nature, having survived in the rubble and ruins of their home city for nearly a year before Starfleet found them. Silnan became attached to P’rel, who ensured he was taken care of within the relief foster systems. P’rel and Silnan have remained in regular contact, and have something of a mentor/mentee relationship.

Personality & Traits

General Overview P’rel is not what could be defined as a traditional Vulcan, nor is she an upstanding member of Federation society; believing, as she sees, the latter to be one of the most successful galactic examples of rank hypocrisy and destined to effectively implode under the weight of it’s own hubris.

P’rel views Starfleet with scepticism and pragmatically as a means to achieve her desired ends; that being dutiful service and a personal interest in space exploration. She sees little need for the militarism of Starfleet, believing that the various prevailing needs and crises are of Starfleet’s own making in any case. As a Vulcan embarking on what may well be the final chapter of her working life, she has little ambition to command and as such is content to work within the imperfections and contradictions of Starfleet in a role suitable to her desired aims. Her worst idea of a posting would be to a vessel with a military or combat purpose.

P’rel is a member of the so-called V’tosh k’atur - Vulcans without logic - although she despises that term. Once a relatively fast growing sect on Vulcan up to the 2150s, the discovery of the Kir’shara by Starfleet Captain Johnathan Archer all but decimated the influence of the group, which has in subsequent generations dwindled to but a handful of followers as swathes of Vulcan social and religious groups began following a more literal interpretation of Surak.

P’rel firmly believes that to govern one’s life by logic alone, is inherently illogical, and thus feels at odds with her heritage and home world; believing both to be examples of contradiction. She is generally patient and as best she can, combines her emotions with her logic for the betterment of her decisions; P’rel for example believes there is often greater moral value in being angered toward a just conclusion, than would be the case by relying solely on logic. she tries to not allow emotions to actually rule her decisions, rather inform them; for P’rel there is a greater level of mental discipline to be found in balancing logic and emotion, than to simply suppress the latter entirely.

Unlike many Vulcans, she has little problem with busy social environments although she will still prefer her own company or that of one or two others. She is not comfortable in groups has often found groups are quite comfortable without her as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses P’rel largely believes that different situations predicate different requirements in which something can be either a strength or a weakness, depending on those requirements. Following the inherent focus on balance required by her V’tosh beliefs, P’rel tends to look for a middle ground between facets of her personality. She is a ‘history buff’ and her early studies as a young woman exposed her to the moral philosophies of many worlds. Earth’s Plato and Aristotle both wrote of virtues and vices, where for example the median between the vices of aggression and cowardice is courage. P’rel strongly identifies with this philosophy and practices it as best she can. Like many ideologies however, reality sometimes falls far short and she has been known to make both impulsive and dispassionate decisions.

She often finds herself a social pariah, which in the main suits her, due to her views on the Federation and Starfleet. Those views are seldom shared by colleagues who find those opinions distasteful, similarly P’rel regards the near-heresy of having negative views on both organisations as a good reason not to bother with other people who obviously have different values bases to herself. More to the point, she believes, the absurd devoteeism and blinded puritanical attitudes of Starfleet officers and federation citizens, itself is what is contributing to the demise of the same.
Ambitions P’rel has very little hierarchical ambition, with no interest in command. She is content to serve in Starfleet, and the Federation by extension, as service suits her personal interests. She doesn’t find this hypocritical, though many have disagreed. P’rel would however, see representing the Federation as a Starfleet command level officer as hypocrisy. To that end, she is contented that she will most likely not be, nor need to be, promoted above Lt. Cmdr and it has indeed taken her nearly 30 years of quiet service just to reach the rank of Lieutenant.

Her personal ambitions have changed through the years and she spent some years on Vulcan in intellectual pursuit with the scholars, before becoming bored of the tiresome and unfulfilling life which awaited her. She has always been interested in history and cultures and felt Starfleet service was the most practical way of achieving her aspirations to expose herself to as many as possible.
Hobbies & Interests P’rel is a student of history, and fascinated with the past. Her only real enjoyment in her personal life comes from reading historical literature and experiencing historical holodeck programs. She is especially interested in starfleet history and finds the repetition of the same patterns of illogical behaviour to be bewildering. Using her skills as a Master of Mind Melds, she has had the fortune to experience several historical events ‘first hand’ via the bridging of minds and holds a special, deeply felt sense of gratitude to those few Vulcans who have shared their lived experiences with her.

She retains an interest in the medical field though is generally predisposed these days to consider the application of medical advances into the intelligence field. In a recent assignment, she successfully engineered a biological solvent which could physically mask a sensor device from an especially powerful hand scanner employed by a newly discovered species known as [REDACTED].

Personal History P’rel was born aboard the USS Natha Kell, the daughter of a Starfleet a Ensign and a civilian doctor. Her formative years aboard the newly launched Excelsior Class Starship cemented in her a desire to learn about a wide range of cultures. As a state of the art starship, the Natha Kell was deployed to explore what were then the reaches of the Alpha Quadrant and P’rel developed an early interest in cultural anthropology. The Natha Kell served with distinction, making first contact with around a dozen races, some of whom would go on to join the growing Federation.

As she neared approached her pre-teenage years, she became opinionated as growing children do, and more sceptical with the concepts of the Federation; having seen many unique and fascinating cultures federalise their cultural idiosyncrasies to become part of the Federation. When their tour of duty concluded, her father Cyvan was promoted to a Junior Lieutenant on extended assignment to the Natha Kell as she begun a seven year deep space mission. Father, and her mother S’ranna, made the logical decision that the latter would return to Vulcan with their daughter. P’rel would be too old for admittance into the Vulcan Science Academy if she remained aboard for a further seven years, having already spent ten aboard.

Returning to Vulcan to complete schooling revealed a previously hidden divide between P’rel and her native people. She hadn’t realised the extent to which her parents has almost softened Vulcan culture for her. Emotional displays were never encouraged at home, nor did her parents show any, but they weren’t discouraged either. P’rel found a great challenge assimilating into the logic driven and emotionally closed Vulcan society, and she found an almost cathartic balance between logic and emotion in the idea of clinical care. Turning her back on anthropology, a subject she found too exciting and stimulating, she entered the Academy to study biomedical sciences with the ambition of becoming a doctor.

P’rel graduated the Academy in 2331 and went to commence her clinical practice degree with the Federation’s Interspecies Medical Exchange department. Spending a year each on Earth, Andor and Denobula, she spent her fourth and final year upon the USS Republic. Republic was a semi-decommissioned Starfleet vessel deployed to training patrols, hosting cohorts of Starfleet cadets and civilian students of various disciplines as they completed relevant training modules.

P’rel graduated as a practicing doctor in 2335, and spent the next 13 years as a general practitioner on one of the Federation’s oldest colony worlds; Proxima, generating an interest in early Starfleet and Federation history. This study eventually led her to discovering the V’tosh k’atur, reading about an earlier encounter between several of their number and an early Starfleet ship, the Enterprise. Perpetually in conflict with her logic and emotion, P’rel felt liberated to have found an identity. She would go on to learn more of the V’tosh way, and sought to return to Vulcan to find others like her.

With an early life grounding in deep space operations, the Vulcan Security Ministry extended an invitation to join them as a doctor. Seeing the ideal opportunity to continue practicing and return to Vulcan, she left Proxima for a role in the Ministry where she spent nine years, eventually leaving in 2357. Though she considered Vulcan her home during this time, she spent time on deployment to a number of worlds in both covert and non covert positions. He most fulfilling role was spending three years openly as a Vulcan, though under an alias, on the Klingon homeworld in the Vulcan embassy. It was during this posting that her father, now a Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the Natha Kell, was killed when the ship was lost with all hands when repelling a Cardassian attack. P’rel was not able to discover the passing until her return to Vulcan, and she saw out her final two years of Ministry Service on the homeworld, before leaving to care for her recently retired mother.

Being able to take some time to pause her career, P’rel took stock over what was important to her. Reflecting on over twenty years as a clinician, recently for Vulcan Security and before that the Federation proper, she desired a return to her academic studies of cultures and anthropology. Spending nine years on Vulcan she cared for her mother until she passed, P’rel begun to perceive that a life of academic study was equally illogical and emotionally unfulfilling without the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained.

Now free of family duty, she decided that despite her lack of enthusiasm for what she saw as hypocritical policies, Starfleet would be the optimal organisation within which to meet her personal aims and ambitions. Joining in 2366 P’rel enrolled on one of the various fast track courses for experienced Federation citizens cross-qualifying into Starfleet; her brother preceded her by attending the academy in 2359, being deployed to the USS Saratoga in 2363. M’ttan was killed aboard the Saratoga during the battle of Wolf 359, and P’rel gave serious thought to leaving Starfleet.

P’rel complete her cadetship and in 2367 graduated to the USS Overture, an ageing Ambassador Class starship pulled from mothballs to supplement the gravely underserviced fleet. Unable to enter Starfleet’s fast track programs without returning to medicine, P’rel served as a junior physician until the Overture was returned to mothballs in 2371. She subsequently spent a year on secondment to a Federation research post on Andoria, which turned out to be a cover for a classified mission aboard the USS Oswald Avery. She was part of a research team aboard Oswald Avery and her team’s achievements saw them posted to a Top Secret research facility in deep space under the remit of Starfleet Intelligence.

In 2373 the Dominion War erupted and P’rel was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and remained within Intelligence. Taking her research into practical application, she was sent to the USS Warspite as a Biologal Counter-Warfare Officer; Warspite was destroyed during Operation Return in 2374. Though never truly successful, her research had several promising avenues of interest and she was returned to safer space to join a team pursuing one of those avenues on Deep Space One.

Following the end of the War in 2375, Starfleet Intelligence assigned P’rel to Cardassia IV in the role of a disaster reflect physician as Cardassia began it’s slow path of healing. She spent four years in this position, gathering intelligence on the stage and intentions of Cardassian medical research and practice.

Between 2379 and 2388, P’rel took on one of her most enjoyable assignments by operating as a field Doctor for Intelligence. Being called in on an emergency basis to treat sick or injured field operatives, she often had to briefly insert into dozens of settings and then exfiltrate once clinical work had been completed. This was a role she relished and in her mind, was the epitome of what she had been seeking with Starfleet. P’rel was herself injured when extracting a casualty from a Romulan colony within the collapsed Neutral Zone.

P’rel spent two years on a sabbatical from Starfleet, exploring deeper into her V’tosh k’atur identity, before returning to Starfleet as a full grade Lieutenant in a middle management desk role on Regulus. Though out of personal interest rather than qualification, she was well thought of for her experience and insight into cultures and was assigned to supervise the PERSINT operations within the Regulus sector.

Largely unfulfilled behind a desk, P’rel was grateful to be assigned to Starfleet Command, attached from Intelligence, as an Advance Contact Field Intelligence Officer. Her new role was to return to covert operations, embedding for weeks or months at a time in cultures which had the potential to join the Federation. Her role was to provide ethnographic data on said societies, to better aid Starfleet and the Federation Council in making a decision on membership. This role subsequently become that which she has enjoyed the most, and her job has taken so far to eight worlds, giving her the time to fully blend into a community and explore the culture.

She was most recently assigned to Parata IV, where she was providing data on the Paratan culture in advance of a Federation Ambassador. The posting ended in disaster, with a civil war breaking out across the planet arguably precipitated by the presence of the envoy team from the Federation Starship Athena. The team came under fire during the coup, and had to flee through the capitol city. Lieutenant P'rel broke cover to reveal herself to the fleeing team from the Athena, ultimately assisting in their successful recovery.

At least until she is able to reach a reasonable travel distance to Earth, Captain Kane asked P'rel to remain on board the Athena to act as his principal intelligence officer. P'rel excessively protested and attempted to go over his head to her contact and ally at Starfleet Command; she was shot down and ordered to remain on Athena. Initially hating the post, she has begun to gradually warm to the presence of others despite her forthright self reliance and 'ends justify the means' way of doing things.

P'rel was trusted by Captain Kane to work with him to unravel the mystery of 'Operation Midnight'; a secretive cabal of command level officers in the sector comprising figures from a range of militaries and governments. Her work in uncovering the clone network and the resumption of activity on Rondac III was instrumental, and contributed to a Starfleet Task Force destroying both the orbital and planetary facility. During the battle, she beamed to the facility to rescue her mentee, Silnan, and inadvertently discovered that the Chief Engineer of Athena had been replaced by a clone. Working together, the two officers escaped, albeit with the tragic loss of Silnan.

Since the experience on Rondac, her resistance to forming relationships softened, and she began to tentatively cultivate several friendships on Athena.

During the Academy bombing of 2397, Lieutenant P'rel went rogue in an effort to exonerate Captain Kane and apply pressure to the gradually exposed cabal of officers intent on destabilizing the region. Whilst much of the events of the week of the trial remain classified and known only to some senior officers aboard the Athena, it is known that a Romulan Admiral standing for election to the Federation Council was arrested, Captain Kane was promoted to Commodore, and all charges against the pair were dropped and sealed.

Upon return to duty, P'rel was promoted by Kane to Lieutenant Commander to serve the dual role of Intelligence Chief and Second Officer.
Service Record 2305: Born, Vulcan.
2331: Graduate of merit, Vulcan Science Academy, Biomedical Sciences
2334: Medical placement, USS Republic, Starfleet Constitution Class.
2335: Graduate, University of the IME (Interspecies Medical Exchange); Doctor of Medicine, Earth/Andor/Denobula campuses.
2335-2348: General Practioner, Proxima Colony, United Federation of Planets.
2348-2357: Vulcan Intelligence; Ministry of Security. Vulcan.
Field Assignments:
2349-2350 [REDACTED]
2352-2355 [REDACTED]
2355-2356 [REDACTED]

2357-2366 Civilian, Resident: Vulcan.
2366-2367 Starfleet Academy, Federation Graduate Service Program conversion course.
2367 - 2371 Junior Doctor, USS Overture, Ambassador Class (ReMothballed) [Ensign]
2371 - 2372 Biosciences Fellow, Secondment to University of Andor, Field Research USS Oswald Avery, Excelsior Class (Reassigned) [Ensign]
2372-2373 [REDACTED]
2373 - 2374, Biological counter-warfare Officer, Intelligence Division, USS Warspite, Centaur Class (Destroyed) [Lieutenant Junior Grade]
2374-2375, Biological counter-warfare Research Officer, Intelligence Division, Deep Space One (Reassigned) [Lieutenant Junior Grade]
2375-2379, Mission Specialist, Intelligence Division, Cardassia IV, (Reassigned), [Lieutenant Junior Grade]
2379-2388, Mission Specialist, Intelligence Division, [REDACTED], (Reassigned) [Lieutenant Junior Grade]
2388-2390, Sabattical,
2390-2392, Person Intelligence PERSINT Supervising Officer, Intelligence Division, Regulus Sector (Reassigned) [Lieutenant]
2392 - 2396, Advance Contact Field Intelligence Officer, Starfleet Command, San Francisco, Earth. [Lieutenant]
Field Assignments: [FULLY REDACTED].
2396- 2397; Chief Intelligence officer, USS Athena [Lieutenant]
2397- Present; Second Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Athena [Lieutenant Commander]