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Ensign Quinn Alka-Sutton

Name Quinn Alka-Sutton

Position Biologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Human/Bajoran
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 147 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde w/ Dark Streak
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Quinn is of average height and on the lithe so, so much so that to some they appear to be underweight. Their hair is kept slightly unkempt, hanging down to the neck length with a thin dark streak running through the left hand side of their hair. When off duty, they often wear an earring of the Bajoran faith on the right ear.


Father Alka Veryn
Mother Maria Sutton (MIA)
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Young and idealistic, Quinn is still very much starstruck by the idea of even being in Starfleet. They’re very outgoing and talkative, sometimes to the point of annoying others around them with a constant barrage of statements, questions, and general thoughts. Despite that though, they are often withdrawn when it comes to being presented with new or unfamiliar situations or people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Both a strength and a weakness is Quinn’s idealism - having not yet been jaded to the realities of life, they are highly optimistic but can at times be easily manipulated because of it. When focused on something, they are hard to distract from it though occasionally find themselves questioning whether or not they’re really qualified to have graduated the Academy.
Ambitions As young as they are, Quinn hasn’t truly developed any ambitions yet - though they secretly hope to be able to one day get their name in the history books for making a major discovery of new life.
Hobbies & Interests In their free time, Quinn likes to spend time on the holodeck running fantastical medieval simulations, a habit picked up from spending time with their mother in their youth, using the extrapolative nature of the system to explore emerging narratives. They also have a strong interest in exploring history and languages of various worlds, having learned a dozen or so to a casual conversation level.

Personal History Quinn Alka-Sutton was born in early 2376 to Bajoran militia member Alka Veryn and Starfleet LtJG Maria Sutton aboard station Deep Space 9 in the wake of the Dominion War. Growing up on the station, Quinn was exposed to a wide variety of species passing through and became fascinated with stories of various worlds and their histories, learning several languages at a conversational level by the time they were five. Because of that fascination, they decided from an early age they would follow their mother into Starfleet, hoping to become a doctor aboard a starship.

Although their plans almost suffered a setback with the disappearance and presumed loss of their mother’s starship in the mid-2380s, the encouragement of Veryn helped to keep them on course for their goals. Although they enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2394 with the idea of pursuing a medical career, they switched career tracks to science with a focus in xenobiology after several professors discovered their affinity for the subject and their interests in both history and linguistics. As 2398 arrived, they reached their final year at the Academy with honours in both xenobiology and xenolinguistics, a feat they hoped would earn them a posting on a vessel that would let them explore the deepest reaches of space.
Service Record 2394 - Enrolls in Starfleet Academy in the medical track
2395 - Transfers tracks from medical to science with a specialization in xenobiology
2398 - Graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Athena