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Main command and operations centre for the USS Athena.

Additional Information

Location Deck One
Description The Athena has been fitted with one of the latest bridge modules to come out of StarFleets ASDB. The latout combines stylistic elements from both the Intrepid and Galaxy class starships giving it a comfortable and functional feel unrivalled by other ships of the class.

At the fore of the brdige is an updated holographic view screen as seen on Sovereign class starships, this has been installed to prevent bridge officers being hypnotized by the starfield during prolonged warp travel.

Sitting just behind the view screen in a recessed area is the large and functional helm and navigation console. This is flanked by Lifesuport and Engineering stations to the portside and a small Science and Mission Operations 2 console to the starboard side.

Slightly further back from the helm in the recessed area is the Commanding and Executive Officer station. These seats share a multi functional ship read out and quick access console. Imediately behind this station is the main Mission ops console which can be utilised by any department requiring the station at the time. A stool is optional for this station.

Mission operations is flanked by two kiosks Operations management to the port and Tactical and Security to the starboard side. Two small auxillary stations are next to each kiosk manned by relief staff during Yellow and Red Alert conditions.

At the rear of the bridge in the alcove is the MSD for the ship and the ships dedication plaque.

The bridge has four sets of doors. The mid-section doors are both turbo lifts. The port side leads to the rest of the ship while the starboard side is a dedicated turbo lift leading directly to the Beta and Gamma battle bridges.

Thw two rear doors access the rest of deck one.

The observation lounge and deckone facilities (e.g. ships head) are accessed through the port door and the Captains ready room is accessed from the Starboard side.

This bridge design is replicated in the Beta and Gamma sections of the ship, the doors and upholstery colors differ for each section.

Main Bridge: Green
Beta Bridge: Navy
Gamma Bridge: Red