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Lieutenant JG FalenvralLi Zh’kyhrihr

Name FalenvralLi Zh’kyhrihr

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 158cm
Weight 55kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Small for an Andorian, Li's lithe body practically vibrates with suppressed energy when forced to remain still and her cheeks often flush an uneven shade of darker blue. Her fitness is maintained during her off hours pursuing pretty much any speed sport she can find to try. From downhill skiing to motocross to skeleton, if it's fast, she'll do it. In real life that's lead to more than a few trips to the infirmary and a few scars from her earlier life, but simms mostly leave her with the positive impact such training has on her body.

Her eyes are a vibrant green that is particularly striking against her blue skin. Her white hair, a darker grey toward the roots, is kept shaved above her ears and rises in a nearly straight up shock of hair that runs between and around the base of her antennae. Her ears are severally pierced, but no other adornment is typically visible.

Off-duty, she tends towards very casual and athletic wear. Tanktops are common with soccer shorts or leggings. For a night out though, she might dress with what some from Earth might see as a bit of a punk aesthetic - hand-decorated leather or denim jackets though her tolerance for cold makes them usually ornamental, ripped jeans or cargo pants, and a solid pair of boots feel like a comfortable second skin.


Father RykrykEthas Th’kyhrihr (deceased), ThisShren Ch'kyhrihr
Mother TaronTaron Sh'kyhrihr, ThrithraaTal Zh'kyhrihr
Brother(s) KasnEthas Th’kyhrihr
RotooTohr Ch'shiannir

Personality & Traits

General Overview Among peers, Li was always friendly, if brash and outspoken. She had passions and followed them, though her parents often didn't approve - of either the dreams or the singular attention she gave them.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has, perhaps, a natural talent for piloting, but that talent is realized through meticulous practice to eliminate the tiniest inefficiencies and gain familiarity with the craft. At least in that realm, she is a dedicated student.

Even beyond piloting, she is quick witted. A fast - if not always deep - thinker and a fast talker. She gets along well in most casual situations, though she has to make a point to hold her tongue in more formal settings.

Li feels a great deal of guilt over having left what her family saw as her obligations on Andoria and then abandoning her dreams on the racing circuit to follow a path into Starfleet. She believes she made the correct choices, but it has left her with a lack of confidence in her own ability to follow through with responsibility.

She also feels a sense of academic inferiority to a lot of her Starfleet colleagues. Though not stupid or ignorant, she had a few gaps in her education that had to be addressed before entering the Academy and she always felt a bit behind the sort of high-achievers one finds there. Often hanging out with engineers, she can feel like the "meat in the seat" and will defer to them even when she might have better ideas.
Ambitions In the short term, she's mostly interested in getting to fly fast and in interesting situations. She has come to admire the Federation's aims though and the role Starfleet plays in those and in particular the role Ship's captains can play. It's hard to say that she exactly dreams of sitting in the big chair one day, but it's a direction that she can, after a good day, see her life taking.
Hobbies & Interests Li loves almost any speed sport, but especially cold weather sports like downhill skiing, luge, and skeleton which is similar to a sport she competed in on Andoria. She also dabbles in motorsports such as motocross and the latest developments of Formula One racing when the opportunity arises.

She's worked to fuse traditional Andorian blues with the Human traditions she learned about while on Earth into something... listenable. She enjoys playing at it even if no one else wants to hear her experiments.

She keeps tabs on the racing circuit she participated in for a few years between leaving Andoria and coming to Starfleet.

She's always happy to find a party.

Personal History Li was born into a prosperous union on Andoria. Her Thaven, Ethas Th’kyhrihr, operated a mid-range civilian freight hauler while her three other parents stayed home and cared for her, managing the logistical side of the cargo business. She saw Ethas rarely, but when she did it was like a holiday. He’d show up in their home cavern with exotic gifts for all of the important people in their clan - and for her as well. He’d bring her up to the ship on the ancient Yravas-class fighter he’d demilitarized and restored to use as an auxiliary craft and as she got older he’d sometimes let her take the yoke and eventually taught her some piloting skills.

She earned passable grades in the elite schools her family sent her to, but her passion became clear at a young age. She transitioned from sled riding to competitive luge to powered racing through the ice tunnels of Andor. Frequently, her family was shamed because she’d chosen to skip “voluntary” fitness training or even mandatory youth defense seminars. Each time she was found in the outlying tunnels, winning informal, often wagered upon, races against older children from families of less esteem.

Her family relented to her passions - under the insistence of Ethas - when she met Tami Sh’kyhrihr. Tami was a girl her own age from a highly respected family in the same clan who had a clear talent for engineering. She excelled in school and seemed able to find time tinkering with racecraft without compromising her responsibilities to Andorian society.

Their intention of encouraging Li to team up with a good influence lasted only long enough for Tami to feel the thrill of tweaking a racecraft for her favorite racer, then receiving her tight embrace as Li returned, scraped bloody, dripping with sweat, frost melting from her jumpsuit, and victorious. The two went on to dominate the underground racing circuit.

Boon companions became more than friends and familial duties were abandoned in favor of plans to find a bigger stage on which to compete. The ice tunnels of Andor could be colorful beginnings for a professional race team and couple whose names would one day be engraved on the greatest trophies in the quadrant.

In response to Andor’s secession from the Federation, the family’s freighter was upgraded - defensive armaments were added and the old Yravas was replaced with a modern escort fighter. Ethas continued running largely civilian cargo - through the period of secession and reunion - without incident until his fateful run to Earth’s system in 2385. The ship was lost with all hands in the synth attack on Mars.

Shortly after her Thaven died, his permissive influence gone and his loss serving as a reminder to her remaining parents of the importance of a full quad, it was decided that it was past time for her shelthreth. They had worked with the clan’s elders to arrange a genetically beneficial bonding that would include her sh’za as well as two men they’d never met.

When confronted with this, Li was ready to stand up to her family. To run off with Tami and begin a new life, a real racing career. When she looked to her sh’za for support though, she found only betrayal. As much as Tami loved her, and as much as she’d enjoyed their time “playing” in the tunnels of Andor, she was ready to grow up. Ready to do her duty to the society that had given them so much. Maybe after they had a child they could venture out and race again, she suggested.

Li would have none of it. Calling her a pink-bellied selfish brat, her parents disowned her. They stripped her of formal familial and clan ties. Tami’s parents forbade them from meeting again. Alone and wracked with grief, Li did the only thing she could think to do. She stole the old Yravas-class fighter that had sat at port since Ethas had replaced it. She flew it as fast and as far as she could.

Eventually, Li found a touring amateur racing group that would allow her to join with her obsolete fighter. Working alone, employing the few mechanical tricks she’d learned from Tami and her own raw flight skill, she managed a few victories against the fully crewed, modern racers. Although they were mostly hobbyists, it was enough to impress a grizzled veteran of the circuit who signed on to work as her engineer. Together they quickly rose to the top of the leaderboards in every system the group visited.

Her new engineer saw a different future for her though. She was a retired Starfleet officer, whiling away her twilight years with souped-up toys and civilian excitement after the bloody strife of the Dominion War. But Li had her whole life ahead of her and this new mentor felt she shouldn’t waste it aimlessly going as fast as she could.

With her guidance and formal recommendation, she applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Because she hadn't finished her education on Andoria, she was required to take a year of intensive remedial studies before entrance and, even once in the academy, she barely scraped by academically. She excelled in small craft piloting though and did well enough in navigation coursework to qualify for ratings as a helmsman on a wide range of vessels.

In lieu of a traditional cadet cruise, Li was posted with the test pilots of the Beta Antares Shipyards. There she was mostly assigned to tug the latest designs into position for more experienced pilots to put through their paces, but eventually she got to run hot the engines of the most advanced ships in the quadrant.

After graduation, she continued on with the test pilot program until an incident involving sensor records of an impromptu race between two uncleared prototype vessels led to a black mark on her record and a transfer to Starbase 621 to drive shuttles and runabouts.

At the starbase, she logged a lot of flight hours with very little excitement. Ferrying dignitaries and visitors left her with plenty of opportunities for conversation and to learn about the experiences other officers were having in deep space and the particular challenges of helming a larger starship. She found herself drawn to the idea and put in for a transfer to such a ship.
Service Record 2388 - Starfleet Academy Prep
2389-2392 - Starfleet Academy
2393-2394 - Ensign, Test Pilot at Beta Antares Shipyard
2395-2396 - Ensign, Small Craft Pilot at Starbase 621
2397 - LTJG, Flight Control Officer, USS Athena