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NVeid tr'Rehu

Name NVeid tr'Rehu

Position Surgeon

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan/Betazoid
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 176cm
Weight 74kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue/Green
Physical Description Not too tall, but tall enough to carry some authorative bearing. Doesn't have the physical strength of the average Romulan, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for in endurance and passion for his profession. His authority lies in the kind of training he received as a youth and a young agent, he radiates danger to those who oppose him, but compassion to those that are under his care. That includes prisoners.

Dark Blue/Grey eyes which seem to follow you wherever you go, but often filled with compassion. His eyes are very expressive and from one glance you can often tell what kind of mood he's in.

Nveid sports a scar at the base of his throat which is often hidden by the collar of his uniform. The scar is a reminder of his insolence in his youth, when he defied his commander and was stabbed in his throat. As a result, his vocal chords and voice-box were damaged in such a manner he lost his ability to make any kind of sound. He has never considered artificial replacement, nor was the opportunity offered to him at any given time.

His right eye is bionic though created to match the colour of his remaining eye. It does need occasional fine-tuning and/or maintenance.


Children Stillborn Son with deceased wife (when he was 22 years old)

Adopted son Jarron von Münsterland (born 2386, Human/Betazoid hybrid)
Father Taev (assumed), Biological (Betazoid) father Ambassador Dastan Avent
Mother Rhian
Sister(s) 1 half sister on his mother's side, though as far as the sister is aware they're full blood relatives.

2 half sisters, on his biological father's side. Both some 20 years younger than he.

Personality & Traits

General Overview NVeid is what one might consider a young talented surgeon by Romulan standards. He was originally recruited by the Tal Shiar because at a very young age, he was proven to have telepathic talents. At age eighteen he was taken away to be trained as an agent, though from age five he was already drilled in the arts of telepathy by said agency.

His primary means of communication is a PADD, on which he types whatever he means to say. When communicating one on one, he'll let his conversation partner read what he wrote. In conferences and meetings, he'll use the upgraded speech function, which renders his typings into audio. In other instances he'll resort to hand-signals.

When he's comfortable with someone, or gets to know someone better, he'll ask if they are comfortable with telepathic communication. If someone says no, he will at all times respect their wishes, though of course slip-ups do happen.

In case of emergency he will always use telepathy, even though he's still extremely shy about using it straight away, thanks to it being hammered into him that it's an abomination among the proper Rihannsu.

Eventually he had long awaited surgery and had the use of his voice restored. He is making progress on using his newfound voice, though for him old habits do die hard when it comes to communication.
Strengths & Weaknesses Suffered extensive damage to vocal chords when he was 25. Irreperable damage that left him mute for the rest of his life. Though in late 2394, he underwent surgery that restored the use of his voice.

Suffered extensive damage through torture at the hands of Lavik, a long time nemesis. He was nearly bled out and almost beyond recognition when he was rescued. Damage done included his nose, tips of his ears, both eyes (one was saved, one was not), broken bones, skin damage to torso and back, severe blood loss, psychological trauma. He sought to take his own life after rescue, but his attempt was thwarted.

Strengths & Weaknesses
strengths: telepathy, compassion, skill
weakness: mute, squeamish of his own blood, ashamed of his service to the Tal Shiar, afraid of total darkness

NVeid also has a weakness for children, which was often enough exploited during his years as an agent.

Allergic to any variety of chocolate.

Due to past traumatic events, does not like total darkness. He prefers to keep a small light on at night, just to have that speck of light in darkness should he wake up in the middle of the night. It reassures him, just to have it.
Ambitions Reclaim his mother's and his own honour and get to know his biological father and his family, without shaming his assumed father. NVeid is very honour bound, and does adore his assumed father.

Attone for any wrongdoings done while in the (enforced) service of the Tal Shiar. (though his peers agree that he has long since done so, NVeid is of a different opinion)
Hobbies & Interests None that are worth mentioning. He likes to paint and go for solitary walks. He's also an excellent swimmer and loves the freedom of movement a pool provides.

Personal History NVeid was born of a Romulan mother and a Betazoid father, though his mother had always claimed that her spouse was his father. She fooled everyone for years until he was old enough to know the truth. To day, his assumed father is still blissfully unaware of his mate's unfaithfulness and NVeid has no intention of making him any the wiser. The man raised him as if he were his own and while growing up, NVeid adored the man, eagerly listening to his stories like any child would. He still holds a great deal of respect for the man who raised him, even though these days they don't speak much.

When he was approximately five standard years old, he was discovered to exhibit empathic skills which, in time manifested themselves as full telepathic talents. When the Tal Shiar learned of this, he was whisked away from the comforts of home, to be trained as a Tal Shiar operative. However during his teenage years he seemed to have a talent for the medical field and was promptly encouraged to follow the medical track. As such, young NVeid was trained to be a medical operative, and kept away from home most of the time. Occasionally he was allowed to spend time with his parents and sister, but those times were far and between and slowly, he became alienated from his own family.

Upon graduation from medical school, NVeid was deployed on several undercover operations, often assisting with medical procedures to alter an operative's appearance, or assist in prisoner interrogation. When, at age twenty-four he refused to torture a child, he got into a fight with one of the guards in the hope of protecting the young prisoner and was promptly stabbed in his throat. He nearly died when a fellow officer tried saving his life, when he decided he wanted to die. Two years prior he had lost the woman who had born his child. A woman who had seduced him, but who would've secured off-spring for him had she not given birth to a still-born boy and had died only minutes later herself.

The young surgeon survived the altercation but his vocal chords and voice-box were damaged beyond repair. From that day forward he was unable to speak and had to learn other forms of communication. His inability to speak also increased his telepathic sense into a an ability to communicate by thought, though he doesn't often use this particular means unless he absolutely has to.

Though means existed to replace the damaged parts- either by artificial or cloning methods-, he was at first never offered the opportunity as he was considered to have been insolent and not worthy of such chances. Over time, he grew used to his own lack of speech and resigned himself in the fact that he would never speak again. He learned other efficient means to communicate and found himself a new will, and way to live.

Since his telepathic talents have brought him nothing but being shunned by his peers most of the time, when he finally was released from the Tal Shiar and 'disgraced' to hospital duty or simple away mission duty, he preferred to simply resort to writing what he wanted to convey onto a PADD, or use hand signals to communicate. No-one currently working with him is aware of his telepathic nature, apart from his head nurse.

After a brief service on the USS Merlin after his rescue from a frozen outpost planet, where he had to fight for his own life after saving a five year old Betazoid child's life, and thereby fled the Romulan camp with the boy in question, NVeid felt it was time to move on and requested a transfer from the Merlin. He had no prior knowledge of where he would end up, if he was going to be granted a Starfleet assignment at all. His current status within the Federation is questionable, as he is still considered a fugitive from the Romulan Empire, and the Tal Shiar. (what is left of it)

In 2390, was captured by a Romulan named Lavik, while en route to a medical conference with Olivia GLover. He was severely tortured and treated like the worst criminal around. This treatment almost resulted in his death, though he was dead for several minutes, before medics managed to revive him.

Lives with partner Jolene Hawthorne and their adopted son Jarron. Though circumstance brought them together, he has confessed to having feelings for her that can be defined as love. In 2390, he proposed marriage to her and she accepted. The pair are still trying to plan their wedding though his reassignment to the USS Gemini may have put those plans on the long track.

Over the course of time the couple drifted apart as Jolene went on to pursue her own carreer. Nveid felt he had to do the honourable thing and release her from their wedding plans so she could freely pursue her future. Feeling his own career would have more prospectives on a medical vessel than a military vessel, Nveid transferred to the USS Nightingale, together with PO3 Mira Green, and Lieutenant j.g. Aidan Datari.

Within a week, the entire group was recalled and re-assigned to the USS Crown with apologies from Starfleet Command for the assignment mix-up.

After surviving the Nkosian plague and staying to help with the aftermath, Nveid needed a fresh start and was transferred to Obsidian Command.

While on Deep Space 13, Nveid underwent life changing surgery where he regained the use of his voice. As such, Nveid must exhibit patience and learn to speak again from scratch.

Not finding starbase life to his liking, nor the current station a very safe environment for his child, NVeid transferred to the USS Archimedes. He thrived as a surgeon, and his vocal skills improved greatly after months of therapy before his reassignment. However, while under the influence of a nebula, NVeid was taken hostage by the ship's chief medical officer and then left to his own devices while hidden away in a cabinet. He was eventually rescued, but NVeid never was able to work with said doctor again.

It took months before he realized that he didn't feel safe anymore. He didn't press charges, understanding that the doctor personally wasn't to blame but due to his past, his feelings remained those of fear and anxiety. Thus, NVeid put in a transfer and along with a very young protégé and one of his friends, was transferred to the USS Rhea.

After brief service on the USS Imperator, NVeid now must make himsel a new life on the USS Athena.
Service Record His service record for the Tal Shiar is Classified.

2389 - Rescued from a frigid planet by the XO of the USS Merlin, granted civillian position as surgeon on board USS Merlin
2389 - Requested transfer off USS Merlin, granted assignment as surgeon on USS Chesapeake (specific reasons unknown)
2390 - Requested transfer off USS Chesapeake in the hope of finding a safer home for his son. Now assigned to USS Gemini as surgeon
2392 - Transferred to USS Nightingale as general surgeon
2392 - Transferred to USS Crown as general surgeon
2394 - Transferred to Obsidian Command/Deep Space 13 as general surgeon. Was granted honorary rank of lt j.g. for use during duty hours in the infirmary.
2394 - Transferred to USS Archimedes, Surgeon
2395 - Transferred to USS Rhea, Surgeon
2395 - Transferred to USS Imperator, Surgeon
2396 - Transferred to USS Athena, Surgeon

psychological records may not be accessed without prior patient approval. Medical records are CMO (or attending physician) eyes only.