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Gil Silnan Tolbarr

Name Gil Silnan Tolbarr

Position Envoy

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6"1
Weight 14 Stone
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Silnan is unremarkable as a Cardassian; he is of average height and weight for a young man his age. He blends in well; and though he dislikes it, is almost never out of his military uniform.

Silnan was injured as a child during the Dominion bombing of Cardassian planets; he escaped the worst of the atrocities by being on Cardassia IV and not on Cardassia Prime, though was still severely injured when he was trapped by a fallen building. His right arm was damaged beyond salvaging, and has a biomechanical replacement from just below the elbow.

Silnan walks with a slight limp to his right in cold weather, due to a nerve injury; the risks of the operation to repair it outweigh the benefits and so he puts up with the occasional pain.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Iltar Bronin (Ja-Gul; Deceased)
Mother Unknown.
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Lieutenant P'rel, Starfleet. The Vulcan doctor found Silnan during relief operations immediately after the war. The Dominion had all but flattened most of Cardassia Prime and Cardassia IV, leaving Silnan one of millions orphaned and homeless. The Lieutenant recovered Silnan from the wreckage of a building and he attached himself to her; their relationship evolved as a mentor/mentee dyad, and the pair remain close.

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Critical thinker
+ Independent
+ Methodical
- Quick to judge
- Harbours racial prejudices
- Less sure of himself than he projects
- Aggressive temper
Ambitions To see the military continue to be scaled back in Cardassian government and politics. As a scientist, he is uncomfortable being part of the military. He has little ambition in rank for it's own sake, and chose to serve as an enlisted man, though would seek promotion as a means to his own ends. He has recently been commissioned as an officer to serve in the role of envoy to Starfleet medical.

He expressly does not wish to find a mate nor have children, and is content in his own company. He had toyed with the idea of joining Starfleet, and this is something he may revisit one day.
Hobbies & Interests Gardening; rare plants are a particular interest.
Politics and galactic affairs.
History of the Bajoran occupation.
Broadly pacifist.

Personal History Orphaned aged 4 during the Dominion bombardment of the Cardassian system at the end of the war. His father was a Ja'Gul and a prolific womaniser. He has never known his mother. He has vague memories of his father dismissing his concerns for his mother, but her identity is a mystery which died with him.

Rescued by Starfleet recovery teams, found by Dr. P'rel of Starfleet.

Fostered by Federation doctors living on Cardassia IV during the rebuilding.

Entered primary education and citizenship training at the appropriate age.

Gained a military studentship aged 14.

Discouraged by military role, and chose to opt away from the military academy. Instead entering the science ministry as an enlisted man - the quickest route to working in the field - and completed his standard enlisted apprenticeship.

Re-upped as an analyst within Military Security, and recently assigned to work with Starfleet Medical as an envoy, in response to growing regional threats.
Service Record 2386 - 2388: Cardassian Science Ministry; School of Life Sciences. [Civilian Student]
2388 - 2394: Cardassian Military Security; Apprentice to the Science Ministry. [Rank: Gorr]
2394 - 2396: Cardassian Military Security; Biochemical Analyst. [Rank: Garresh]
2396 - Present: Cardassian Science Ministry; Special Envoy to Starfleet Medical. [Rank: Gil]