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Ithaca Arrival

Posted on Thu Sep 23rd, 2021 @ 10:38pm by Captain Jacob Kane & Commander N'Garzi Zora & Lieutenant Commander Savin & Lieutenant Commander Michael Ki & Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & Lieutenant JG FalenvralLi Zh’kyhrihr

Mission: With Gleaming Eyes
Location: Ithaca II - Orbit
Timeline: MD-02 0900
1046 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Ithaca II, as it appeared on the main viewscreen, was a dull reddish world. There was very little about it that stood out as unusual or in any way particularly interesting. Aside from a small relay station and a minor spaceport in orbit, there was nothing to differentiate it from the thousands of other M-class planets in the galaxy.

"Hail from the surface, sir."

"On screen."

Kane was marginally surprised to see a young-looking Cardassian woman appear; traditionally these old abandoned outposts had older, likely disgruntled leadership. She regarded him in much the same way her elders might, however.

"This is Captain Kane of the Federation Starship Athena. We're here to provide humanitarian assistance."

"Gul Dara of the fifth order. Your assistance is...accepted." She was choosing her words carefully. "Arrangements have been made to clear a site in the northern quadrant of the colony." Straight to business, too, he noted. The way he liked it.

"Understood. We'll be sending down our teams within the hour."

"I have been advised to extend you a 'personal' invitation to join us, Captain. As is your custom?" It wasn't clear if she was unhappy about the suggestion, but the way she spoke it didn't sound completely forced.

"A personal introduction is fine. I look forward to meeting you in person, Gul Dara." Kane nodded. With that, the channel closed. He looked back towards Zora and the others. Having briefed the senior officers of their orders en route, Kane had them already split up into teams for deployment.

"One of our first priorities here is to set up the medical support the colonists require. Lieutenant Commander Ki will take full responsibility for the deployment of that aid. Lieutenant Danton's team will assist in whatever way they can in researching the illness and synthesizing a vaccine."

Savin seemed fascinated by the Cardassian woman and it took him a long time to divert his gaze from the viewscreen. "I assume you want me to assist Doctor Ki?" he asked, when Jerant caught him up on what'd been said when he'd been otherwise engaged.

An unknown illness ravaging a colony. This was exactly the thing that Ki signed up for. Thus far his job as Chief Medical Officer had been a lot of paperwork and physicals. But now, now, he could get down to business and do what he did best. The wheels in his head were already turning as he tried to ascertain who would be on his diagnostics team. The Counselor's question brought him out of his thoughts and to the present. Of course the Counselor would be the first member of his team. Michael thought. "Yes Counselor you can be instrumental in our tracking of this pandemic. I will need you to talk with the locals and find out how this illness is effecting them mentally. This will assist with learning how the illness is spreading."

"In that event I require the presence of my aide, Jerant. He is instrumental when it comes to communication, and he is a linguist. He may pick up on things that I am likely to miss." Savin smiled ever so slightly. "I am...impaired, after all," he reminded the CMO.

"Of course. Meet me in Transporter Room 2 in one hour." Michael nodded toward the Counselor and then went back to his PADD. He had to figure out who else he would have on his team.

Kane continued. "Lieutenant Keating's team is on technical support; from our reports they've had to shut down some of the mining equipment and that may need securing. Lieutenant Bolingbroke - we don't carry a complement of Marines so I need security details ensuring the safety of our people down there. We're technically allies, but don't let that fool anyone into thinking we're going to be seen as honoured guests."

Bolingbroke nodded. "Understood Sir, we'll be in sufficient numbers to deal with most events but not so many as to seem threatening. Couple of questions, just whom is the authority down there, is it the Cardassian military or a local constabulary? And do we have a liaison contact I can coordinate with?"

"No doubt they'll make their position clear when we arrive," Kane replied. "If they're like any other Cardassian I've met, they'll be bleating on about their jurisdiction and trying to look superior. Let's do our best to keep things civil."

Xavier nodded. "We'll get it sorted," he said speaking for himself and Finn.

"Commander Zora, I would like you overseeing the logistics of our assistance. Work with the local leadership. Lieutenants Li and P'rel are at your disposal should you need any support with that."

Zora smiled. She was excited to see what this crew could do, though she wasn't too sure bringing along a Vulcan intelligence officer would play out too well with the Cardassians, but orders were orders. "Aye Sir."

Li glanced at the new First Officer then turned back to the helm, pensively watching the display of in-system traffic - empty but for Athena. She brought up a new display, showing readiness of the ship's shuttle fleet. Transporters were great, but sometimes hardware on the ground couldn't be beat. One of the Type 11's was scheduled to be down for routine maintenance but, after cycling through Starbase 47, that seemed like sticking to the calendar by routine rather than based on uptime and actual wear. She pushed the maintenance order to give them a full fleet as soon as possible.

"In the meantime, I suppose I should meet this Gul Dara. Lieutenant Commander Shan, you have the conn."

"Stay safe, Captain," the Andorian nodded.

Zora stood up before the Captain could leave the bridge. "Captain, I hope you don't intend on going down there alone?" Her tone was friendly but there was an edge to it. She knew enough about Cardassians to know that being guarded was always a safer option than not and she knew that Kane was aware of this fact too.

"He wont be alone," Bolingbroke said quietly from the side. "I'll be in the Transporter room when you're ready Captain."

Kane nodded sharply at his Security Chief. Were he still in that role he would no doubt have been saying and thinking the exact same thing. "Dismissed, people."


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