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Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor

Name Edward Andrew Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 200
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Initial impressions are of a tall, athletic and rugged human male. He has short cropped light brown hair, a thin mustache, jawline beard and blue eyes. Not classically handsome, although he has well defined lines, his best feature is a ready smile.


Spouse Unmarried
Father Henry, Deceased, 23rd Viscount Creedmoor
Mother Elizabeth
Brother(s) George, Lt, Starfleet
Sister(s) Victoria
Other Family Various uncles, aunts and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bolingbroke is generally relaxed and easy going, able to remain calm and composed under even the most stressful of circumstances. While only a few years into his Starfleet service he is confident and competent, professional and dedicated. He delivers and expects the highest levels of commitment from both juniors and superiors.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bolingbroke has the qualities of a natural leader. His manner and maturity are beyond his years.
He is reliable, trustworthy and always retains a positive outlook on events.
Not above seeking input from those with greater knowledge than himself, regardless of rank or position.
Almost fearless, he is always willing to attempt a task and brings a high level of drive and determination.
Has a strong sense of gritty humor, which he exercises frequently.
Ambitions To complete fifteen years service before resigning to take up his title and continue his family heritage.

Personal History Born in 2364 on his family’s Creedmoor Estate on New Anglia, Edward became the newest member of a noble English family who traced their lineage back to the Battle of Rheims in 1486. When the Viscount Creedmoor title was bestowed on an ancestor who did valiant service in the King’s bodyguard.
His family was amongst many of the early colonists who left Earth after the Eugenics Wars in the late twentieth century. They settled on the M Class New Anglia and became successful landowners, retaining the titles and traditions of their English heritage.
The Bolingbrokes also had a tradition of military service, all of the sons and daughters were expected to follow on with time spent in either the planetary defense force or Starfleet.
When not at Boarding school on Earth his early life was spent with his younger siblings, George and Victoria, running about the countryside around the family’s estate. He learned to hunt and shoot, to rock climb, row and sail, in their teens Edward and George would go off on extended hiking and camping trips.
He completed his education and then attended Cambridge University on Earth. Where he received a degree in Agriculture, with secondary studies in law and economics. Edward enjoyed his studies and the excitement of campus life but his passion was for the time spent as a member of the university’s Starfleet ROTC.
With his ROTC experience he was fast tracked through the Academy entrance process and enrolled in 2386.
His father and grandfather had both taken the command track, Edward instead chose Security and Tactical.
2390: Post-graduation saw him assigned to the Security division of Starbase 929 for his first year. A fleet maintenance and trade facility, Bolingbroke rotated into a Security and Tactical role as Space Dock Patrol officer and Tactical Officer aboard one of the Garrison Patrol vessels, USS Halestone. Duties ranged from routine security patrols to interdicting civilian ships and cargo inspections. The two years spent here provided Bolingbroke with a solid grounding in basic security work.

2391: A promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and a transfer saw him assigned to the Saber Class USS Spatha. His initial cruise was border defense along the Federation boundary with the Gorn Hegemony. Bolingbroke had his first taste of action just a couple of weeks later, when the Spatha crew tangled with a Gorn raider ground party at a remote mining facility. They caught the Gorn red-handed attempting to steal containers of valuable ore, but instead of giving in, the Gorn attacked and a vicious firefight erupted, leaving several dead on both sides before the Gorn escaped back to their ship.

The battle continued as the Spatha chased the Gorn raider from orbit, but although ultimately victorious, the Spatha was badly battered and suffered numerous casualties. The dangers of space became very real to the young officer.

2393: Bolingbroke was transferred to the Intrepid Class USS Canyon. He spent two years aboard the ship, in due course being promoted to Lieutenant and a Tactical Team Leader, becoming fully conversant with starship offensive and defensive systems.

2395: He was rotated back to Earth for a six-month Advanced Tactical Course at the Security Division Training Facility on Earth.

Shortly after completing the training and while awaiting reassignment he received news of his Father’s untimely death and that he had inherited the title, as 24th Viscount Creedmoor

Returning home to New Anglia for the funeral and a family conference, it was agreed that his mother and sister would run the estate while he would return to Starfleet to complete fifteen years service, before retiring to take over.

Returning to active duty, Bolingbroke was assigned as Assistant Chief and Delta Shift Duty Officer to the Tactical division on the Sovereign Class USS Elizabeth IV. The ship was assigned to patrol the Romulan- Klingon border and there were a number of skirmishes dealing with cross-border incursions by both sides.

2397: Two years later he was transferred to the Prometheus Class USS Athena, initially as Assistant Chief, then when an unexpected vacancy occurred, he was promoted to Chief Security Officer.
Service Record 2386 Starfleet Academy
Year I Cadet - Majors: Tactical & Security
Year II Cadet - Majors: Tactical & Security; Flight Control
Year III Cadet - Major: Security; Command
- Minors: Engineering; Diplomacy
Year IV Cadet - Academy Training vessel: USS Amundsen
2390 – 2391 Ensign: Security & Tactical Officer, USS Halestone Garrison Patrol vessel Starbase 929
2391 – 2393 Lieutenant Junior Grade: Tactical Officer; USS Spatha
2393 – 2395 Lieutenant: Security Officer & Team Leader USS Canyon
2395 – 2395 Lieutenant: Advanced Tactical Course at the Security Division Training Facility, Earth
2395 – 2397 Lieutenant: Assistant Chief Security Officer & Delta Shift Duty Officer USS Elizabeth IV
2397 - Lieutenant: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer & Chief Security Officer USS Athena