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Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2024 @ 9:06pm by Lieutenant Didrea Zade & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mason Malone

Mission: Character Development
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: Concurrent with 'Escape Under Fire'
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Once the diplomats were checked out by sickbay and pointed to the mess hall for a much needed hot meal, Zade quietly took her leave, heading back to the security offices. On the way, she tapped her communicator and tasked a couple of security officers with keeping an eye on their gusts and easing any concerns they had over being abducted again. She then also asked the officer manning the tactical station on the bridge to do more thorough scans as they departed. A light frown crossed her features when the officer reported that the other team hadn't come back yet. It concerned her, but it was still early and Kane hadn't summoned her yet, so she stowed it.

Once inside her office, the Trill unzipped her jacket and draped it over the back of her chair, exposing the grey short sleeve shirt underneath. Resting her hands behind her head, she closed her eyes and took in a slow breath. They accomplished their mission, and yet the loss of the marines was heavy. Despite all the planning... what did they miss?

"I think we deserve a holiday," Mason announced as he walked in. He'd seen her walk in and thought he'd give her a few seconds before barging in. After seeing the freed hostages to sickbay he'd gone home for a much deserved shower and a clean uniform. "I wonder how long it'll take this time to come down from this absurd adrenalin high. I'm still amazed our team got out unscathed."

Opening her eyes, she turned to see Mason standing in the threshold to her office. With a slight tilt of her head, she invited him in before lowering her arms. "I'll see what I can do about some time off." Turning to the replicator, she asked for water before gesturing for Mason to help himself. She took a sip before adding, "I'm a bit surprised myself, given how hard the marines were hit. But we aren't clear yet; the other team hasn't reported in." The lingering tension in her shoulders suggested that she wouldn't relax until the other team returned to the ship.

He got himself a strong coffee and moved to join her. "Still nothing?" He shook his head. "That can't be a good sign. Should we be ready for another rescue?"

Setting her water on the desk, Zade adjusted the jacket draped over the back of her chair so it wouldn't wrinkle, taking her communicator off of it as well, before taking a seat. "I already have a plan in mind, but it's still early. They have another hour to check in before the Commodore would consider taking action." She fiddled with the communicator for a moment before setting it on the desk. The badge was more easily accessible there in case Kane did summon her, but she hoped it would remain silent. "In the meantime, we'll debrief and then you're free to do what helps you de-stress."

Taking that as an invitation, Mason sat down across from her. "We can do that, though it's a bit odd isn't it as we were on the same away team..."

He did have a point. "I was thinking of just reviewing our overall performance, see if anything felt like it could have been done differently. The bulk of the debrief report itself is easy, this time." It was no secret that Zade sought feedback from her team, both in how she could better lead the team and how she could support or help others. They'd work best if they were all on the same frequency.

"I don't think we did too badly," Mason informed her, "especially since we met our objective without loss of team members or even injury. My only objection would be the captain joining such a dangerous mission. Especially with the first officer leading the other team."

Zade nodded in agreement. She made her objections known back when the away teams were decided. It was one thing to have the captain involved in the rescue, but the first and second officers as well? "They can handle themselves, but I agree. I voiced that concern, but the rescue took priority."

"Perhaps there should be some kind of starship rule that not the whole command staff can go off into a dangerous situation. Either that, or take a larger protection detail to accompany them," Mason suggested. "Meanwhile, how are you feeling?"

Technically, there was such a rule. It seemed, however, like it was one of the rules in Starfleet that was routinely broken without a second thought, eventually putting grey hairs on whoever was graced with the role of chief of security. "I'm fine," the Trill responded. "I'll be better when the other team returns, or at least checks in." Zade eyed Mason for a moment before adding, "and yourself? Is there anything you need from me?"

"I'm still on an adrenaline high," Mason confessed, "I'm sure I'll just crash soon and if not I'll just find something to do. Assuming I'm released from duty until next shift." And if not he'd still find something to do, but security related. "I don't think I need anything from you ma'am," he added, a little uncertainly now, "what I need is something that's probably inappropriate to ask if you." What he really wanted was a solid hug, just some tlc to help him wind down. But since George still hadn't indicated just how much space he wanted, Mason decided it was better to wait for George to come to him, rather than try to reconnect with the risk of driving him further away. This did, however, result in Mason feeling a little lonely.

Zade nodded again. She understood the adrenaline, some of it still lingered in her system as well, and she was probably going to take on some mindless tasks to get it out of her system. It wouldn't distract her from her concern about the other away team, but at least she wouldn't be antsy and annoying the bridge by asking for updates. "Alright, then you're free for the night. I hope the next time you hear from me is in the morning." It would suck to have to summon Mason back for another away mission after they had all wound down for the night. Those missions were the worst.

"Thank you ma'am. But if I'm needed, I'll be there no matter what." Such was life and even in security that could mean down time was scrapped in favour of duty. After all, duty did come first. He smiled politely at her. "You enjoy your evening too ma'am."

"I'll try," Zade responded, though her expression indicated that her evening probably wouldn't be enjoyed until everyone was back on board. After Mason left, she took another sip of her water before turning to her computer. The debrief wouldn't write itself.


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