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How are you feeling?

Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2024 @ 9:22pm by Lieutenant Didrea Zade & Lieutenant Commander Savin

Mission: Character Development
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Some time after 'Escape Under Fire'
1072 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

It had been several hours since Zora's team checked in. Word got around that they returned with injuries, and Zade knew she'd only be in the way if she checked on them. She gave them the night, planning to stop by first thing in the morning. As part of her morning security rounds, she made a detour to deck 7.

Entering sickbay, she looked around for the one she wanted to see. It looked like most of the team had been cleared, but a couple lingered. Making sure she wasn't in the way of medical staff, she approached the third bed, seeing the counselor with his eyes closed. From his breathing, she could tell he wasn't asleep, so she gently touched the back of his hand to let him know of her presence.

In reflex, he turned his hand over and grabbed her wrist. She was met with a somewhat startled look as obviously he hadn't been paying attention to whatever went on around him. "Lieutenant," he greeted as he tried to push himself up into more of a sitting position. He'd been made to stay in sickbay once the team had made it out and back to the ship and he had to count himself lucky. If he had been human, he would have been dead but as it was his alien physiology had saved his life even if it had been close. He still looked a little pale, but as he looked up at her, his expression was attentive. "Were you injured too?" he asked slowly, while trying to moderate his breathing. Sign would be so much easier now, he knew, but he wasn't sure to what extend the security chief would understand it.

Zade wasn't expecting her wrist to be grabbed, so she tensed in response, but she quickly realized that she startled him and relaxed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," she said with an apologetic smile. His struggle to sit up a little didn't go unnoticed, and she adjusted his pillow to provide a little support. At the question, she shook her head. "No, our team was unharmed. Just a couple of minor bumps."

"That is fortunate." A grateful smile touched his face as she assisted him in getting a little more comfortable. "We had a number of injuries." His left hand traveled up to touch the left side of his chest, where a human heart would be. "It was terrifying," he admitted slowly, "I still do not know how we made it out alive. Why did they not kill us all?"

"Probably a testament to the hell the marines caused, as well as this crew's resilience," she shrugged. Zade watched him gingerly touch his injuries. "We just had the pirates to deal with. The diplomats are alright, minor injuries as expected from captivity but nothing serious."

The counselor gave a slow nod then seemed to hesitate. Speaking was taking a lot of energy and breath he currently didn't have. Do you understand sign? he then signed, slowly adding the words. Signing was second nature and didn't cost him as much. I will speak with them, when I am released, as well as any on the away team. he glanced towards the CMO's office, just briefly as his thoughts wandered. As usual, he wondered who he was supposed to talk to.

A look of concentrated recognition crossed Zade's features, her eyes briefly flickering to his hands. It didn't take much to understand that while he was still recovering, signing might be less taxing. "I understand enough, yes," she answered verbally. Federation Standard Sign Language was her fourth language, not used nearly as much as the other ones, but she knew enough to communicate if she couldn’t speak and her backup translator didn't work. "I'm sure they will appreciate your company."

If I were not the counselor, maybe. It was common for people to avoid him on a professional level, and occasionally he had to chase people down. The one thing he couldn't, and wouldn't do was actually force people to talk. He cast her a wry smile as he signed. and even when I am not on duty I often am avoided for fear of being judged on what they say.

"Maybe, but a counselor is not supposed to pass judgement. I'd hope they of all people would at least recognize that." Grabbing a nearby vacant stool, the Trill took a seat. She could tell that the diplomats were keeping their 'work faces' on, perhaps as a way to cope. "They are shaken by the attempted kidnapping, so I hope they will be receptive to you."

Savin slowly shook his head. Not attempted, they were abducted. An attempt would mean it failed from the start. He refocused on his visitor, offering a small smile. I do not judge, at least, I try not to. If I do I hope people will tell me such. My goal is always to help in the best way I can. He briefly closed his eyes, resting his hands in his lap as signing too was exhausting at present and it made him wish Jerant was here.

Zade could spend too much time debating the pedantics, but noticed that he looked exhausted. It was probably better to let him rest. Lightly touching his hand again to get his attention, she simply said, "I'll let you rest, Counselor. If you want my company, I'm a comms call away."

At the touch of his hand, Savin opened his eyes again to look at her. He offered a small smile as he nodded slowly. I always value your company. He told her. And in this condition, I am not good company to you either. Thank you for visiting, I will try to sleep more until P'Rel releases me. He closed his eyes again, resting his hands over his chest as his breathing started to even out.

With a nod, Zade watched him fall asleep before stepping away from the biobed. While the night's rest had helped, she was still a little tired herself. The stress of waiting in anticipation for Zora's checkin, combined with the adrenaline from the mission, had drained her energy, so she planned a rather laid back day. Giving him one more look-over, the Trill turned and left sickbay to continue her rounds.


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