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Posted on Sat Jun 10th, 2023 @ 12:56pm by Lieutenant Commander P’rel M.D


=/\= LOG OPEN =/\=

You may begin recording

Computer, save this recording to location Gamma Three Two Two One Nine Four Seven, and transmit in the event of a cessation of my biomedical readings.

Confirmed. Uptake link established to Crewman Darna Pil, Biosigns nominal, transmission protocol nominal, awaiting final command for transmission confirmation

Confirm. Personal Code Darna Pil 1701.

Transmission parameters confirmed

My name is Lieutenant P'rel, I am a doctor in Starfleet. Of the few people who recognised my face on the news mere days ago, you may know me by another name; Darna Pil being one of them. I am, however, a Starfleet Intelligence Officer and have been for many years. I have been involved with biological counter warfare, and medical intelligence during the Dominion War, though my most recent assignment has been as the principal intelligence officer aboard the USS Athena.

I was not pleased to receive this assignment. To me the idea of a warship is anathema to the very principles of Starfleet and the Federation, and a woeful exhortation of hubris and hypocrisy. I was displeased to be placed under the command of a man so clearly a soldier, someone I believed to be a 'trigger happy' maverick. I soon came to learn that Jacob Kane is far more than that. He is a deep man, one of conscience and principle. I realise the Courts and the news would have you believe those qualities have become twisted into vices, used to bastardise a justification for murder; but it is not true.

The news will also tell you I am co-conspirator in the terrorist action which left so many of our friends and colleagues dead and wounded. This is not the case either. Several months ago, Captain Kane and I became aware of a plot to destabilise the Ninth Fleet AO. To what eventual aim I can not say; though I believe a Starfleet withdrawal from the area would allow many profitable extra-legal entities and enterprises to take hold. It is my belief, that the personal enrichment of senior officers from Starfleet, the Klingon Empire, Cardassia, the Breen, the Romulan Free State and other smaller regional powers, has been the motivation for a years-long endeavour to critically shift the balance of power in the sector.

Whilst I can not go into detail, several Dominion War era facilities were reactivated, and a serious threat to Starfleet officers emerged. Many have died. Captain Kane was instrumental in destroying one of these facilities at Rondac, and so decimated a grave threat to peace, stability and order.

Captain Kane made enemies over those months. As did I. The attack at Starfleet Academy, the destruction of Starships Pico and Avalon, the disappearance of key Starfleet and Federation personnel...all of this has been a façade and a tool to enable those conspirators to achieve their goals of a Ninth Fleet withdrawal.

If you are watching this, I am dead, and my mission to uncover the conspiracy and see an innocent man freed has failed. Accompanying this message are my complete files, in the hope that someone is able to use them to end this conspiracy. So penetrating and dangerous are these files, that I have chosen to attempt to naturalise the threat via my own actions; lest news of the extent of this conspiracy reach the wider population and undermine the credibility of the Federation. Whilst it would be truthful, it will not be without bloodshed and desperate actions taken by desperate people to save themselves.

If I have failed, then this message is transmitted in the knowledge that it will cause civil upheaval across the great powers, though it has remained the only option.

Jacob Kane is an innocent man. I will prove this, soon. If I have not, then you can use my files to prove it to yourselves now that I am dead.

Believe in the Federation, and in the stability of peace. Do not allow the selfish actions of a minority of our leaders undermine what we all wish for.

Live long, and prosper.

Computer, end recording.

Recording ended. File saved under designated parameters

=/\= LOG CLOSED =/\=




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By Commodore Jacob Kane on Wed Jun 14th, 2023 @ 4:40pm

Really loved this, dude. A nice little aside and insight into P'rel's mindset. :)