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One Night in Paris

Posted on Fri Aug 11th, 2023 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant P’rel M.D & Lieutenant Commander Finnley Keating VII

Mission: Wrath of the People
Location: Paris, Earth.
Timeline: MD7; 0500.
1676 words - 3.4 OF Standard Post Measure

"Ah, Paris," Quinn took a deep breath as the three of them arrived on the outskirts of the city. "Smells just as bad as I remember it," he smiled and looked at his companions. It had been some time since the three of them had done any real missions together. Mostly training or smaller missions here and there as they were needed, but nothing of this importance. "Let's go, we don't have much time and the political residences are a good five kilometers from here." He picked up his bag and then stopped. "Wait, maybe that smell isn't Paris. When's the last time you two took a shower?" Quinn chuckled and sprinted off before either could respond.

"Can we call him a dick if we are not on official Starfleet business?", the third of their group - a Klingon named Kol - boomed inquisitively to Ray. Kol readjusted the tight hair clasp holding his warriors mane in it's roped sheath, and let out a low growl as too many strands of braided hair came loose. "ghuy'" he muttered, setting a pace to keep with his former CO. He had spent the past two hours in ritual preparation, having not hesitated as soon as Ray had appeared at his door. His Kur'leth strapped to his back and his crested D'ktahg on his hip had both been blackened with ash from his prayer mandala to limit the reflection of the terran moon in the night, as they moved through the Parisian streets beyond the inward transport inhibitor fields.

They arrived at the Federation political residences just as a sun crested beyond the horizon and the city was plunged into darkness mixed with the artificial glow of street lamps. Quinn stopped on the edge of the sector, keeping cover between them and the security guards posted on the street. "Can you get a reading, Ray?"

"Looks like he's likely to be in one of those two," Ray pointed towards the second and third houses in the row. Finn had given him a rundown of what to look for in locating Nerak's life signs, but Federation political residences had protections in place, for obvious reasons, to dull one's ability to grab readings inside the buildings. "I'm afraid that's about as good as it's going to get with these readings. Too much interference." He shook his head and placed the device back on his hip.

"Well, we've at least narrowed it down to two. We'll split up. I'll search the second house, you two search the third. Meet back here in ten minutes," Quinn looked to his two companions.

"Fine, just as long as you promise not to get yourself shot or stabbed or whatever. I signed up for kidnapping tonight, not medic duty," Ray smirked.

"And I would allow you to die with honour, than feebly attempt to preserve the life of an old man" Kol responded bluntly and matter of factly.

"Klingons," Ray rolled his eyes before slipping off into the dark towards the house he was to investigate with Kol following quickly behind.

One minute left, Quinn mentally noted as he observed Nerak politely reading in the study of the house he had looked into. It wouldn't take long to slip in and slit the man's throat. He didn't even really need Ray and Kol. Two guards stood at each of the home's entry doors and one in front of the room where Nerak sat. Easy, Quinn thought. They had failed to cover any entrances to the second floor and although the climb up might be slightly challenging, the open window into a bathroom on the upper floor seemed the opportune point of entry. It took everything in him to not upon the thought of sneaking in on his own. Instead, Quinn tore himself away from the house and met back up with his comrades to give them the update.

"We should be able to get into the open window on the second floor undetected. I'll go up first and make sure there are no alarms, then you two follow. Assuming we don't trip any sirens, we'll just have to take out the one guard that's in front of Nerak's room and then take him by surprise before he can yell out for help," Quinn relayed his plan and paused for any objections. He had never been so prideful to think he had all the answers and always welcomed questions or suggestions from his team.

Kol growled in a low tone. "What are the rules of engagement here?" he gruffly demanded to know, pulling the Kur'leth from the sheath on his back and spinning it by the handle, letting out a softer and satisfied growl as the blade swooshed through the air.

"Don't kill anyone," Quinn gave him a serious dose of side-eye. "Let's keep this as professional as we can. In and out, with Nerak in hand, alive." He didn't wait a moment longer before signaling for the other two to follow.

A low rumble again left Kol, who decidedly kept his Kur'leth in his hand for intimidation purposes if nothing else.

Quinn's feet were silent as he glided across the yard back to the house where Nerak sat. The guard in the backyard never even saw a shadow as the three deftly moved from cover to cover until they reached the side of the dwelling and Quinn scaled upwards. The tricorder revealed proximity sensors just inside the threshold and the standard transport inhibitor, but luck was on their side tonight. The main power relay from the street happen to run practically under their feet where they stood before going into the home's structure. "I need you and Ray to tap into the power line," he quietly spoke through the comm. "Isolate the signal for the proximity sensor and disable it. I'll wait for the all clear before I enter the house."

"yItaD" Kol responded, looking on the floor for some kind of seam in the paving or an access hatch. Finding a join between the paved area and flower bed, he pulled it up to reveal part of an access panel and used his feet - tremendous in size compared to his colleagues - to brush away the dirt. Holding the large paving up he nodded to Ray "yIruch" he urged.

"Got it," Ray snipped the line with his phaser but went a little too far and the house plunged into darkness. "Sorry boss, there's a lot of cables in here. The sensors should be off, but it looks like a few more things went off with it."

"I do have eyes Ray," Quinn responded, clearly annoyed that the lights had extinguished. It would raise suspicions and give them less time. "You two get up here before those guards make it around for another run. We won't have much time now," he said as he slipped into the window on the second floor and continued towards the stairs knowing the others would catch up. His feet moved silently like a leopard stalking prey as his eyes darted in every direction to ensure he came across no surprises.

"What now?" Ray appeared beside his friend, having barely slipped discovery from the outside guards.

"We get what we came for," Quinn looked around the staircase and on the tricorder to ensure that no additional signals had entered the house. Satisfied, he pocketed the tricorder and moved deftly down the stairs, stopping just outside of the room that housed Nerak. He signaled to Ray to have the hypospray ready and gave a nod to Kol.

"Q'apla" Kol whispered, nodding in return as the rising sound of guards' voices could be heard as confusion turned into a security reaction. Fortunately these period reconstruction properties had the ancient style of wooden doors which physically opened on a hinge. His boot and thundering Klingon legs behind it crashed into the area containing the latching mechanism and the door flung inwards. His enormous stride covering the distance before anyone could react, Kol went right for the guard who had, since their recon, appeared in the room stood with Nerak. The back of his Kur'leth came swinging upwards and made contact the chin of the Federation Diplomatic Protection Service guard and he stumbled backwards. Ducking low to avoid any reactive aggression Kol threw himself at the young man's midriff and with a few seconds' struggle and a deft headbutt, knocked him unconscious. Quinn and Ray were just settling their own scuffles down, when Nerak began to dart for a window. Intercepting him, Kol held the curved sword in his outstretched arm to the Romulan's throat, the very tip of it just hooked against Nerak's windpipe; "one excuse to..." he warned.

Quinn pushed the now unconscious guard that he had fought with down and looked over at Nerak. "Take a good look, because this is the last time you'll see freedom," he whispered harshly towards the man now frozen by Kol's blade. It took everything he had to not kill the man right there. Instead, he tore his eyes away from him and looked at Ray. "Hit him and let's get out of here." Ray nodded and injected Nerak with the hypospray, rendering him unconscious.

Kol had to remove his blade as the man fell, lest his throat be ripped open. Sheathing the sword, the enormous Klingon bent down and scooped the frail old Romulan bastard up, flung him over his shoulder like a targ carcass and positioned himself in the middle of Quinn and Ray. "If either of you get hit..." he began solemnly, noting that the fortunate position of the one carrying the prisoner was that they were shielded from weapons fire; "...die quietly. No distractions". Replacing the Kur'leth with an old 2280's era phaser pistol, he grunted for Quinn to move forward. They didn't have far to go to reach the edge of the transport inhibitor field, but with an active alert, swarming security, and an ROE for non-lethal force; it was damn well far enough...


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