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Old enmity or new amity?

Posted on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 @ 2:35am by Lieutenant Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor & Chief Warrant Officer Victoria Douglas & Captain Jacob Kane

Mission: With Gleaming Eyes
Location: Deck 3 Transporter Room 1
Timeline: MD-02 1000hrs
1332 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure


[Deck 3 Transporter Room 1]

"And I want a ten strong Quick Reaction Force on standby, whenever we have teams on the surface" Bolingbroke was saying as the doors slid open to let him in, accompanied by Master At Arms Chief Warrant Officer Victoria Douglas. "The security details with the Away Teams will keep a low profile, but I want back-up on the ground in ten minutes if anything goes wrong."

"Aye sir" Douglas nodded, making notes on a PaDD

"I should have more information when I return from accompanying the Captain" He concluded "Oh and Bondi, go over rules of engagement with everybody, this is an aide mission. We're here to help. The war's been over a long time, I doubt there's many aboard you served at that time, but I don't want any old grudges coming up or anybody starting something because a Cardassian shot their Uncle nearly thirty years ago."

"I got it, I'll make sure they are all very clear on that. I'll use my stern voice" Douglas replied with a grin. The short woman had a fearsome reputation for keeping discipline and order. "I'll see you when you get back" She nodded and departed.

Bolingbroke walked over to the Transporter Technician. "Know where we're going?" He asked

"Yes sir. The Central Administration Building" The man replied "It's right in the middle of the colony. They gave us coordinates for a reception foyer on the forth floor. Building is ferro concrete, not externally shielded, so I can keep a lock on you and the Captain without a problem"

"Good, as I said to Chief Douglas, not expecting problems, but if I call, get us out of there straight away. "

"Understood sir," The Technician nodded.

Bolingbroke moved over towards the transport pads to await the Captain. He was wearing a jacket over his uniform, not for the conditions but to cover the phaser he was wearing holstered on his right hip. It was generally expected and accepted that Command Personnel Escorts were armed but he found that wearing the jacket was a polite way of not flaunting a deadly weapon in diplomatic circles. He carried a second weapon in a pocket for Kane should it be needed.

A moment later the door slid open for the Captain.

Kane surveyed the scene as he arrived; this new Security Chief seemed cautious about the whole thing, which he took to be a good sign. If anyone on the ship should be overly-cautious about their Commanding Officer beaming into a potentially unknown situation, it was the man standing in front of him. He sensed that Zora probably wouldn't have the same pragmatism.

"Lieutenant." It took him a moment to notice the jacket and the phaser. The Cardassians would probably spot it too, which was almost certainly part of the intention. Appropriate but not overt. "Shall we?"

"Yes sir" Bolingbroke nodded and fell in behind.

The pair mounted the pad, moments later rematerialising inside the Cardassian compound.

The foyer was typical Cardassian design, though probably a bit dated from the looks of it. Most of the decor was functional rather than beautifying. Ahead of them, a short set of steps led upwards to a grand-looking door. Probably the administrator's office.

A few uniformed Cardassians milled around, though there was no sign of any of alien locals.

Kane glanced at Bolingbroke, waiting to see if he had any immediate concerns about their environment.

Bolingbroke looked around, nothing appeared particularly suspicious, although the lack of a welcome was unusual.

He nodded towards the imposing door, "Well at least it's not the Tradesman's entrance. Do we knock or is there a bell?"

As if waiting for that cue, the door suddenly parted with a light hiss. From beyond, a tallish Cardassian woman appeared: Gul Dara. She paused in the doorway, as though assessing them from above, before she waved them forward with a simple move of her hand.

"Do you recall being asked to the principal's office in school?" Kane murmured to the man next to him. "Oddly familiar, right?"

"Indeed, although my Head Master never looked like that," Bolingbroke replied wryly and followed Kane up the steps.

The two of them approached the door, which remained open, and entered into another spacious if spartan chamber. It was standard Cardassian fare, very little personal or decorative aside from a corner table that looked to house a bottle of Kanar and a small pot containing a tiny plant.

Gul Dara waited, standing, behind a broad jet black desk.

"Captain Kane. Welcome to Ithaca," she announced simply.

"Gul Dara. This is my security chief, Lieutenant Bolingbroke," he responded. The Cardassian barely even looked at the security officer; as though she didn't even need to register his presence. "He will be ensuring the safety of my people here on the surface."

Bolingbroke moved slightly to the side, so he could watch Kane, Dara and the door, standing seemingly relaxed.

"Unnecessary, I assure you. There will be no confrontations of any kind with our people." The Cardassian glanced at Bolingbroke finally. "The Metis, on the other hand, are undisciplined and typically unhappy at their lot. I would imagine they might try to play on your more...compassionate sides."

"We try and treat all species with friendship and compassion" Bolingbroke replied lightly. "I'm sure we won't have any problems. Perhaps you have a subordinate responsible for security and peacekeeping I can coordinate with, Gul?"

"Glinn Corak handles security matters. You can make your arrangements directly with him," she replied, a little distaste in her tone. "Should you have any other problems, I'm sure we can work through them amicably, Captain."

"Of course. My first officer, Commander Zora, will coordinate any relief efforts," Kane explained.

"Fine. I suppose that means you are available for a tour of our facilities?" she asked. Kane wasn't expecting an invite, and almost didn't answer at first.

"Very well." He glanced at Bolingbroke, who he was sure would want to put a detail on him for every step of this. "Lieutenant, make the arrangements with this Glinn Corak, and ensure Commander Zora is kept in the loop." He fixed the Lieutenant with a quick look of affirmation - he knew the potential objection to leaving him alone here, but the Cardassians wouldn't dare do anything with a Federation starship ready to rain hell on them if their Captain was harmed.

Bolingbroke nodded back to Kane, he was not happy leaving the Captain alone but he was not going to be far away. "Very good sir. I'll meet with Glinn Corak while you are taking the tour. Then we can return to the ship together" He switched to Dara and smiled "Perhaps you could have somebody show me to their office Gul?"

"Yes. Outside." Dara waved dismissively, evidently unused to dealing so directly with what she felt were trivial details. With a little sigh she added, "It is on our path anyway. Come now." It came out like a command; again something she was probably used to.

Kane gave his Security Chief a sharp nod, knowing that this was one of those little things they'd have to bear through during their visit. As they exited the administrator's office, an attendant scurried into view. With a short barked order from the Gul, he motioned for Bolingbroke to follow him and leave the other two alone.

Bolingbroke fell in behind the pair as they exited via the doorway. He nodded to Kane and turned to follow the attendant.

"Lead on McDuff!" He smiled at the flunky's confused look and beckoned him onwards. "Glinn Corak's office, lead on!"

He slid a backwards glance before he turned a corner, watching Kane and Dara go down the steps. He did not believe the Cardassians would be foolish enough to try something. But undoubtedly there was tension between them and the native inhabitants here and he did not like being in the middle of that kind of thing...



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