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Who are you?

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 8:19pm by NVeid tr'Rehu & Lieutenant Commander Michael Ki

Mission: By Artemis' Bow
Location: Sickbay
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The medical staff had been briefed on the fact that Doctor Reed had transferred away and that Chief Counselor Savin would be temporarily oversee the medical department. NVeid was fine with that fact, he got along well enough with the Romulan counselor and knew the man to be medically quified.

What he didn't know, was that said counselor had been called to be part of an away mission. So, fully intent on having a word with the man and get an idea of any surgeries or other projects that might be planned for today, the hybrid surgeon walked into the CMO's office. He stopped short at seeing a tall male in teal that definitely lacked some of the counselor's distinct feature. "Who are you?" He asked, somewhat bluntly, "where's Doctor Savin?"

Michael had been unpacking some of his belongings into his new office. At the moment he had been setting out his tea set most reverently. At the sound of the questions he looked up. Michael had not had time to look over the manifest of the ship but perhaps now was the best time to get to know the staff. He smiled genially "Dr Savin is on a mission I believe. I am Dr Michael Ki the newly arrived Chief Medical Officer. You are?"

"He'll be relieved to hear that then, when he returns." NVeid offered a slight bow. "NVeid tr'Rehu, at your service. I am on the surgical staff, I served with your predecessor." He didn't offer his hand, and kept his thoughts carefully guarded just in case. Equally, he made no attempt to read the man, allowing him to speak for himself instead of have his surface thoughts or emotions betray him.

Michael nodded, he was still unsure how he felt about civilians serving aboard a small ship like this. But it was not his decision to make. "Thank you Doctor. Is there anything pressing that I should made aware of? Patients? Experiments?" He thought that he would get the work out of the way before the pleasantries continued.

The Romulan hybrid gave a slow nod. "He was doing research on blood factors in hybrids, most notably Romulan factors," he reported, "he was using my blood but hadn't gotten around to asking Doctor Savin to compare it to, or even Mister Van Rijn. Doctor Savin is a full blooded Romulan where Van Rijn is a Betazoid-Human hybrid." He paused to let the information sink in. "I am a Romulan-Betazoid hybrid."

"Interesting! Definitely something worth reading when the paper is done. My specialty is in diagnostic and emergency medicine more than genetics. However, a look into hybrids does sound interesting. Is Dr Savin looking for anything in particular?" Michael sat behind his desk and closed his eyes as he sipped his tea. Drinking tea was nearly a religious experience for him.

"Doctor Reed was your predecessor sir, and I believe he was looking into it for transfusion purposes." NVeid chuckled as he shook his head. "Doctor Savin is the chief counselor and quite... unique, if I may say so. Jerant, I mean Mister Van Rijn, is his assistant."

Michael nodded as he was looking at a PADD. "hmmm I see that now. Just starting to get a look at the staff here. I hope that I can last on the ship a bit longer that my predecessors." He said with a chuckle. Ki realized that not only was Savin on an away mission but the Captain was as well. "Dr lets get Sick Bay prepared in the event that things wherever Savin and the Captain are do not go as planned. I would like to be ready for anything."

"Sickbay is ready sir, Savin made sure of that before he left. He might be new to this job, and grateful that he doesn't have to keep it but he did try. He hadn't asked for the job, he was assigned to it." Nveid sighed softly to himself. "Sir if I may, I have a very bad feeling about this mission they're on. I got no details but somehow...." He shrugged. "It feels wrong?"

Michael was still being brought up to speed. "Thank you for your candor. I will make sure to have a look and see what I can learn about this mission. However, it has been my experience that when Sick Bay does not hear about anything occurring during a mission. That is a good thing..." He smiled at his joke but Michael understood the worry NVeid had for his colleague.

"Or very bad," NVeid supplied, "contact with the rest of the ship may be gone in such an instance or they are too busy to inform us." he smiled easily. "Do you have any questions for me sir? Anything you'd like to know?"

"Not at the moment..." Michael was exceptionally appreciative that there was someone here to bring him up to speed on what was going on. He was afraid he was going to have to wing it as the old saying goes. "...Thanks you for bringing me up to speed, and I look forward to the work that we will do together."

"As do I doctor." The Romulan hybrid smiled gently now. "And I was actually referring to personal questions sir, not duty related." He was used to questions, and he was happy to answer most of them. And if he had to be honest, he was quite surprised there had been none so far.

"Understood Doctor..." Michael's look softened for the moment. "It seems that there may be a medical emergency imminent. At least that is what they told me when I beamed over. Perhaps getting to know one another may have to wait until that is settled." He did not want to snub the other doctor, but there was bigger fish to fry at the moment.

NVeid nodded. "That might be best," he agreed, "I'll go prep surgery just in case. Call me if you need an extra pair of hands?"

"Will do... and doctor... Thanks" Michael replied with a soft smile as the other man left.


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