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Knee Deep In It

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 3:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Thy'lissa Shan & Lieutenant Commander Michael Ki

Mission: By Artemis' Bow
Location: Various USS Athena
Timeline: MD-03
562 words - 1.1 OF Standard Post Measure

It had been quite the journey for Michael as he travelled from Starbase Sirius to Empok Nor aboard the USS Lexington. Then on the runabout Hudson to meet his new assignment the USS Athena. Ki had been saddened to leave the Merlin, and the one true love of his life. However, duty and the ever changing whims of the fleet called. He was to take up the post of Chief Medical Officer aboard the Prometheus Class Athena. She was smaller than the Merlin but had more advanced technology. "hurmph... More for people to simply hurt themselves with and wind up in my Sick Bay." Michael meant that to be internal but he said it aloud.

"Whats that?" Cordeck the Edosian pilot said as he turned to face Michael. "Sorry nothing. How long until we reach the Athena?" Michael asked as he sipped a cup of tea. "We are dropping out of warp now sir... And there she is." Cordeck replied as he used his three hands to manipulate the console. In a flash of blue the runabout dropped from warp and the Athena was there in all her glory. There was another ship there as well. Michael knew that the Athena was on mission and that was why he had to take the shuttle. "Hail them please Cordeck." Michael asked and then continued to speak when the channel was open. "Lieutenant Commander Michael Ki to Athena..."

"Athena here. Ah - you must be the new transfer we were waiting for!" An Andorian Lt Commander appeared on the screen. "Commander Shan. The Captain isn't on board just at this moment in time, but your presence is absolutely welcome."

Michael put on the best smile that he could muster. "Well then with your permission Commander I would beam aboard and tend to my duties as Chief Medical Officer."

"Permission granted. Honestly, it's probably a good thing you're here. We've not heard from the Captain since he went over to the nearby trade station. If there's trouble we'll need the help," Thy'lissa explained.

Michael wondered what he was getting himself into with the Captain away without contact. "Well in that case I will get Sick Bay ready for anything. But what seems to be going on?" He was interested in getting right into the thick of things. Michael's parents always said that he had a tendency to hit the ground running.

"We're a little concerned, actually. The landing party hasn't reported in for a while. Hopefully it's nothing, but with the system-wide quarantine and rumors of other ships floating around we can't be too careful."

"Agreed..." Michael began and then the word quarantine caught his attention. "...System wide quarantine. That is something that could use my expertise. Why is that in effect?"

"Oh that's our current assignment; the system is blocked to normal traffic because of the spaceborne creatures that are grazing in the area. They're a protected species, and-" Thy'lissa paused. "Stand by...we might need you sooner than expected doc. There's been some sort of breach on the hull of the trader station. Possible life signs...we might be dealing with a medical emergency any moment."

"Acknowledged... I will be in Sick Bay. No time like the present. Ki out..." Michael said as he stepped into the transporter pad of the runabout. After the coordinates were set he beamed directly into Sick Bay.


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