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The Trial: Ki - I'm a doctor, not a lawyer...

Posted on Fri Jun 30th, 2023 @ 2:59pm by Commodore Mikhail Babanin & Commodore S'vRock & Commander Firestorm to Ennien & Lieutenant Commander Michael Ki

Mission: Wrath of the People
Location: Starfleet Judicial Centre.
Timeline: MD 5 - Evening.
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With Counsellor Savin's turn having gone about as well as expected, Babanin rose to address the final witness of the day after the Commodore had sworn him in. This one was likely to be even less fun.

"Comrade Doctor..." Babanin began, feigning a warm smile; "How would assess Keptin Kane's health?".

Ki knew that he would be called to witness in the Captain's trial. However, he had no idea why he would be needed. Michael had a low opinion of the Commodore who served as prosecutor as soon as he walked into the room. However, now that opinion dropped even lower when he was asked a question that Babanin knew he could not fully answer. "Doctor and patient confidentiality prohibits me from going into detail. However, I can say that the Captain is in good health." Michael responded with little to no emotion in his voice. He planned to make his answers as short as possible and perhaps make his testimony as frustrating as possible.

Babanin eyed the holographic man before him as he flickered for just a fraction of second. "Spasibo Comrade..." he replied. It was curveball time, Babanin smiled at the Doctor; "You have been wery helpful". He looked to the Chair; "No further questions your honour", he returned to his seat whilst side-eying the Doctor and then the cat; hoping to leave them guessing what he was up to.

Firestorm's ears flicked back in surprise. No drilling from the accuser's side like prior witnesses? "In your tenure aboard the Athena, have you ever treated the captain for any kind of illness?" he queried, casting his client a brief sideways glance. "Obviously without treading in to confident details, highlights will suffice."

"Nothing that any normal Starfleet Officer had gotten. Irdian flu and the like. However, as I told the Commodore the Captain is in good health." Michael replied. He was curious what the prosecutor was up to. However, he would not give the Commodore the satisfaction of being the center of attention. To that end Ki made sure to keep his eyes on the Defense.

"Have you ever treated him for anything that affected his mental health?" Firestorm continued, "yes or no will be sufficient."

"Objection!" Babanin boomed as he rose suddenly. "These are questions which should haw been utilised with Commander Sawin!".

"There are pathogens that affect both physical and mental health," Firestorm countered , "or one can have the other as consequences."

S'vrock sat and deliberated over the objection for a minute possibly two. When he spoke it was with a tone of fascination as to where this case would be going. "Objection overruled. Doctor please answer the question. However, give only information pertaining to medical not psychological."

Michael nodded that he understood the instructions given by the looming Vulcan judge. "The Captain has no pathogens or anything of that nature that would effect his command ability or mental health. Anything beyond that you would have to ask the Ship's Counselor Lieutenant Commander Savin."

"Have you ever had to treat him for something that did, or could have affected his command ability?" Firestorm continued.

"No... As I stated before the Captain is in good health. He has been in good health since my assignment to the Athena. Anything that happened prior to my assignment I cannot speak to." Michael sat stiff in the chair. The only sign of any relaxation was a small cross of his legs. He wanted to get this over with and quickly. In fact he hoped he could back to the ship to continue his research. Ki knew there was not much he could tell this court about anything. He avoided people and liked it.

"In your professional medical judgement, do you believe the captain is capable of the act he has been accused of?" Firestorm asked, glancing briefly towards his client as if to make a point.

Without blinking or any hesitation whatsoever Michael replied. "Medically speaking of course he is capable of doing what he is accused of. However, medically speaking anyone in this room is capable of committing the acts that the Captain is accused of."

At the response of the Doctor Commodore S'vRock cocked a trademark Vulcan eyebrow. He was curious to see where Commander to Ennien planned to go with this. For the Doctor was correct medically speaking anyone could have committed this crime.

"You testified he is in good physical health. Have you observed anything that, in hindsight, might be considered out of the ordinary? Any behaviour that may now be considered as atypical?"

"No, I have not seen the Captain act in any way that was atypical for himself. However, as I stated earlier any deep knowledge of the Captain's psyche or behavior would have to be addressed to the Ship's Counselor." Michael continued to keep his answers short and sweet.

The feline nodded slowly. "Thank you doctor. No further questions at this time."


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