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The Trial: Savin. It's all in his head...

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 @ 2:45pm by Commodore Mikhail Babanin & Commodore S'vRock & Commander Firestorm to Ennien & Lieutenant Commander Savin

Mission: Wrath of the People
Location: Starfleet Judicial Centre.
Timeline: MD 6 Evening
1192 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

It was now dragging towards the end of the first day and Babanin was far more tired than he'd like to admit. The final two witnesses of the day being doctors didn't help his alertness much. Commander Savin up first, followed by Doctor Ki - both of whom he was sure had sufficient patience and intellect to outlast his attempts to aggravate them or walk them in circles. As he rose, Babanin looked at the hologram of Doctor Savin, and wondered what measures were in place so that the deaf man could understand him.

"Comrade Counsellor, if you please, would you describe the nature of your role aboard the Athena?" he probed, fatigued and without hope that Savin would do him any favours.

Savin waited for Jerant - who stood just inside Babanin and S'vRock's line of sight, to finish signing. Through the holographic connection, seeing what was said was virtually impossible. "I am the chief counselor aboard the Athena," he answered once Jerant finished, keeping his eyes on the other man, "my role is to offer mental and moral support to those who need or require it."

"Da Comrade" the Commodore returned in a calm voice. "Is Keptin Kane a mentally competent Commander, Comrade-Counsellor?" he probed, seeing where the first round of answers would take him.

"Yes," Savin answered almost curtly, "If he were not, he would not be in command of a starship."

"Ah..." he returned, still calmly, feigning a deep consideration of Savin's words. "And how would you define a mentally competent Commander...?" the Russian coolly asked, probing further looking for the 'magic words' from the Counsellor.

Savin seemed to give that some thought. "One is deemed mentally competent if one does not show erratic behaviour," he finally answered.

"Spasibo Comrade..." the Commodore began, having found his "in" with the Counsellor. "Perhips, for my benefit as a could define erratic behawiour da?"

"How erratic behaviour is, depends on a person's normal behaviour," Savin explained. "And it is also somewhat subject to perception. You may find something erratic whereas I might not. However, from a counselor's perspective, erratic is defined when behaviour is outside a person's normal range of behaviour. For example a normally very calm and collected Vulcan suddenly showing a wide range of emotions could be considered erratic."

"I see..." Babanin responded, appearing to give some thought to Savin's words. "Then based on your definition of a competent would agree that Keptin Kane does not show erratic behawiour?"

"I have neither witnessed nor received reports of the captain exhibiting erratic behaviour or any kind that would declare him incompetent to command," Savin answered after a long consideration of his words

"Ah.." the Russian replied, swiftly countering with something itemised from Commander Keating's upcoming testimony; "And when Keptin Kane decided to hunt down and attempt to eliminate the pirates attempting to harwest the pilgrim creatures...this was calculated, not erratic uh?"

"I am not aware of any plans regarding the elimination of pirates," Savin answered calmly, "Starfleet does not eliminate people. What he did do, was attempt to protect an alien species which we know very little about."

"Da by carefully planning, and not behawing erratically I see..." he quipped, turning the Counsellor's words. "Keptin Kane has a long history of shall we say...actions which go 'in excess of requirement'...this is often the mark of a highly effective Keptin. Do you stand by your assertion that he does not act erratically...?.

"I do not understand your question," the counselor answered. "Can you please rephrase?"

"Of course..." Babanin replied with what was practically a snarl. "You state Keptin Kane does not act erratically. I say he has a history of behawiours well in excess of what could be considered reasonable force, or procedurally consistent...are these behawiours erratic, or do you stand by your position that the Keptin is not erratic? Because Comrade, either he is indeed erratic and unfit and your own testimony is compromised; or he is so often one to disregard rules, regulations and law that the sheer frequency of these behawiours cannot be considered erratic". He turned and looked Commander Savin dead in the face. "So. Is your earlier testimony flawed, or is Keptin Kane habitually disregarding of that which he does not agree with...?".

"You say," Savin countered, "but I know. The captain is not erratic and he is fit for command. He does not disregard rules as he sees fit. There is no evidence of that,. I have not received reports from crew members in regards to this, nor have I observed it myself. He holds honour in very high regard. If he were not fit to command, between myself and the chief medical officer he would not be certified to remain such. From a psychological point of view, he is not erratic, not vengeful and extremely honourable. The crew looks up to him."

"He is a man with a deep sense and high regard of honour, who behawes habitually and methodically...da..." Babanin repeated back, with something of a slight twist. "Spasibo Comrade, no further questions your honour" he nodded to the bench and returned to his seat. It wasn't perfect, but he'd tied Counsellor Savin up in just enough of a knot that he could exploit later in the summary statement.

Savin watched as the large feline walked into view, knowing the big cat would be difficult to read. He glanced sideways at Jerant, who stepped closer to him.

Firestorm glanced directly at the holographic representation of the chief counselor. "Counselor, regarding the alleged erratic behaviour of Captain Kane, have you observed any of it, at any given time?"

THe counselor shook his head. "I have not," he answered shortly.

"Ever received any complaints or reports in regards to it, from fellow officers?" Firestorm continued, rubbing his whiskers in thought.

"Again, no," Savin answered calmly.

"Can you describe capabilities, as commanding officer?" Firestorm flicked a single ear back as he watched the hologram and his interpreter. "What is he like as captain? Spontaneous? A thinker?"

This caused a moment of pause as Savin needed to think. "I would not describe him as a spur of the moment person," he finally answered, "anything he does in regards to his duty, requires planning. Anything he orders, has consequences."

Firestorm nodded. "The victim was Romulan. You are Romulan. Have you encountered any ill will from the captain during your time on the Athena? Any treatment that was different from other crewmembers?"

Savin glanced at Jerant, arching a single eyebrow as the Betazoid dutifully signed, wondering if he had understood correctly. "I have not been treated any different than other crewmembers. I do not feel slighted or disrespected by any of the command staff, or senior staff."

Again, the feline nodded, lightly tapping his tail against the floor. "Do you think, going on what you observed, that the captain could have committed this murder?"

"No." The answer was simple. "Given the circumstances we were in, I do not see how he had the time nor the opportunity."

"Thank you counselor," the Sivaoan said, nodding formally. "No further questions, for now."


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