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The New Doc

Posted on Fri May 7th, 2021 @ 7:40pm by Captain Jacob Kane & Lieutenant Commander Savin

Mission: By Artemis' Bow
Location: Deck 5 - Sickbay
Timeline: MD-02 (backpost)
646 words - 1.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Kane walked into the veritable ghost town that was his infirmary. With the chaos of getting the ship repaired a few weeks ago, the shift in personnel roster had been frustrating, to say the least. Not only for the loss of his Security Chief, but also his chief medical officer (as absent-minded as he had been).

Starfleet hadn't transferred him a new one yet. That meant they were short-handed. Ironic, to say that he had at least 3 MDs on the senior staff. But Taeler was too important to lose, and P'rel's bedside manner was...unique. So that left him one realistic option.

"Lt Commander Savin?" he inquired, motioning at Jerant to first get his attention before then getting the counsellor's. He pointed to the vacant CMO's office. "A word."

"Of course captain," the Romulan answered, gesturing towards the office. Since this was a one-on-one conversation, he gestured towards Jerant that he wouldn't be needed. "What can I do for you sir?" he asked as the office door closed behind them and he turned to face his commanding officer.

"I'll get straight to it. Doctor Reed has been reassigned elsewhere in the fleet and will not be re-joining us." Kane leaned against the CMO's desk. "We're shipping out to Iuvat and I don't have time to replace him. With that in mind, though, I'm aware you have some history in practical medicine?"

"I suppose I do," Savin answered, a little stunned a the news on Reed's departure, "I do have a basic medical degree, it was somewhat required for my psychological degree." He could guess where this was going, but he did wonder why he was selected when there were other medics on staff that were probably either more experienced, or even more qualified. "Why?" he asked anyway.

"As the highest ranking medically-qualified officer outside of my first officer, you're the reasonable choice until we return to starbase and take on a replacement. Do you think you can handle that?" Kane asked.

The counselor seemed to consider the options for a few seconds, before he nodded. "As long as the EMH is operational to assist with more complex cases I believe I can," he finally answered.

"Of course. There's a full medical team at your disposal," Kane nodded, rising from his half-seated position. "It goes without saying that a lot of people will still be feeling some of the effects of their experiences in that nightmare space. I'd appreciate a steady hand looking after the department and the crew."

"I will do the best I can sir, with the means available," Savin promised, "I can pull double shifts if needed as long as I do get some rest." While he did have the trained stamina of a Vulcan, his handicap caused him to be more alert than some of his peers, and that could at times be exhausting.

"I'm not asking you to drive yourself into the ground, Doctor. Just keep on the pulse of the crew. They've - we've all been through a lot," Kane replied.

The counselor nodded. "Yes sir, I am aware." He was after all, the ship's counselor, and his office had been receiving a lot of requests for an appointment. "I will do the best I can."

"That's all I require of anyone," Kane nodded. "That'll be all, Doctor. I'm sure you'll have plenty to keep yourself occupied the next few days."

"It seems so sir." Savin nodded. "I think it would be wise to have Jerant remain close instead of him attending to his linguistic duties. I will need his service if I am to cover both departments, especially here in sickbay."

"Of course," Kane agreed as he made for the door. He glanced back across the room. "Enjoy the new office."

'I shall endeavour to try sir," Savin answered, just barely catching the words as the captain briefly turned back.


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