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On The Hunt

Posted on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 @ 7:04pm by Captain Jacob Kane & Lieutenant JG FalenvralLi Zh’kyhrihr

Mission: By Artemis' Bow
Location: USS Athena
Timeline: MD-03
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Kayrah had only been here for a few days, but it was already apparent how the crew looked up to Kane for guidance and insight, "We're nearing the last known coordinates of the interlopers, Captain." She looked at the readings from the tactical sensors but there currently weren't any readings indicating activity from an unknown operator, "all clear for now."

"So no destroyer..." Kane murmured. "Fine, but keep on those sensors for anything unusual. If they're out here they'll have seen us by now. What about these 'traders' we heard about? They must have a fixed position somewhere?"

Li's attention was focused on the quickly approaching planetoids and debris of the outer system, both to ensure nothing came into view that would require a change of course and considering just how she would use those to hide if she were on the other end of this mission. She glanced at the new Tac Officer who had come aboard shortly after her. "Sir," she said, not wanting to step on any toes but also not wanting to let an opportunity pass by, "A destroyer might be pretty obvious out here, but if these "traders" are using cargo ships - tug types especially with cargo pods either not in system yet or hidden on the ground somewhere - they could dance behind and between these rocks pretty easily with minimal emissions even with the sensor pod we already deployed giving us another angle."

"That's a good call, Lieutenant," Kane nodded, impressed with the input. "Keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual. It's unlikely we're going to get ambushed out here, and even if we do they're going to have to be packing something big to punch-up to the level of Athena."

"Captain?" The relief Ops officer piped up. "Sensors have picked up a stationary platform orbiting a moon of the fifth planet."

"Our trading post, I wonder..." Kane murmured. "Lay in a course, Lieutenant. But like I said, keep a keen eye out for trouble."

"Aye, Sir," Li said, fingers moving over the controls. "Coming about with a new heading for Iuvat-5. Did you want us to come right up on the object?"

"Oh yes," Kane smiled slightly. "Let them see us coming." It made sense to flex a bit of muscle in this situation. It would take a brave 'trader' to look a ship like Athena down the proverbial barrel.

Within a few minutes, the large gas giant that he assumed was the fifth planet loomed large on the viewscreen. It had a dozen small moons and orbiting rocks, but there was only one they were interested in.

"All right, let's go and shake some things loose," Kane announced, rising from the command chair. "Lieutenant Li, since you seem to have a good eye for trouble, you'll accompany me on the away team along with Lieutenants Keating and P'rel, and Lt Commander Savin." He could leave Shan in command for the time being.

"Oh?" Li's head swiveled around toward the Captain, but then back to her controls. "Aye, Sir." She finished settling Athena into a stable position within spitting distance of the trading platform. Closer than might seem polite, but not quite dangerously close. After double-checking the NavComputer's plots of nearby debris, she looked over her left shoulder to find the Ensign standing relief for her during this watch ready and stood to let him take her seat. "You have the Helm, Ensign, I stand relieved."

"I have the Helm, Aye," He replied by rote, clearly familiar with the position and picking up right where she'd left off, running the same checks as he took over that she had before standing. She moved to stand near the Captain, ready but unsure what exactly was in store for her now.

Kane nodded sharply at the young Lieutenant as they headed for the turbolift - and a date with whomever was in charge of this questionable mining operation.


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