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Dispatch Orders [Mission Start]

Posted on Fri Feb 26th, 2021 @ 3:43pm by Captain Jacob Kane

Mission: By Artemis' Bow
Location: USS Athena - Ready Room
Timeline: MD-01
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Kane had only been back on board the Athena less than a day before his new orders had arrived. He'd barely had time to unpack, nor look into this Corvinius character that had somehow tracked him down on his shore leave. Those things had to be put to one side as top of his priority list was a communique from the Federation Science Directorate alongside the usual orders packet from Headquarters.

He punched open the file first, letting the display on his wall flash up a spinning image. A creature he'd never seen before, elongated, with what looked like long and elegant fins and several glowing cracks along the outer shell. Interesting. And then the image shrunk and showed how this beast was at least six times the length of the Athena herself. The dimensions checked-out: this gargantuan was massive by any stretch of the imagination.

"Captain Kane." The voice belonged to the head of the Science Directorate. "One of our research teams studying the creatures you see before you has requested assistance. These gentle entities are called 'Pilgrims'. Rarely found in our galaxy, they seem to appear every few thousand years - possibly for feeding or breeding purposes. Our science teams have been trying to make the most of the opportunity to study them up-close."

The image changed, a series of chemical and biological formulae scrolling downwards. "Their early findings have shown a unique biochemical agent is a property of their biology; so rare, in fact, that it has almost never been found naturally occuring in any life form we have yet to discover. This could be an enormous medical breakthrough for our medical technology if we could obtain a sample. However we are well aware of the sensitivity of these creatures and the danger posed, so for now the team has been conducting passive study and analysis."

"Until now." A second voice started to speak - identfied by the computer as a Commodore Baris from Starfleet. "The science team was operating with the help of the USS Cavalier, and we set up a no-fly zone in the region to discourage any civilian traffic disturbing them. Unfortunately word seems to have gotten out about the life forms, and a group of unsanctioned 'traders' have been sighted building up a forward operating post in close proximity to the Pilgrims nesting are. It's likely they're pirates, and they're about to try to secure some of this biochemical agent for themselves." The Commodore paused. "That's where you come in, Captain. I know that you're no stranger to dealing with pirate elements, and I could use a firm hand out there to make sure that whoever these people are, they don't stir up trouble."

Kane felt a slight pride at his reputation being thought of in such a way, but listened for the end of the report.

"Rendezvous with the USS Cavalier. Our chief science expert on the scene is Professor Quill Summers. He'll fill your people in on the Pilgrims. Offer whatever support and protection you can for him and his team - and the Pilgrims. Hopefully the sight of a Prometheus-class starship will be enough to scare off anyone stupid enough to try something, but if not you have authorisation to clear the sector of unauthorised traffic. Good hunting, Captain. Starfleet out."

Kane closed the file, forwarding it on to Commander Taeler in the process. He'd summon the crew for a briefing in a few hours, once the ship was ready to get underway. Hopefully this time they wouldn't end up crossing swords with a psychopathic Breen, or their own nightmares come to life.


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