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Posted on Wed Dec 16th, 2020 @ 1:52am by Captain Jacob Kane & Lieutenant Noah Reed M.D. & Lieutenant Savin
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Mission: The Shadow of Arachne
Location: Deck 7: Sickbay
Timeline: MD-05 (before 'Losing it')
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Savin was still crouched next to his unconscious commanding officer. "Doctor Reed!" he called out as he lifted the unconscious Human up into his arms and gently placed him on one of the beds. "I need your assistance, the captain is injured!"

He gently shook the captain, hoping to rouse him without medical intervention. "Captain?" he queried, "Captain do you hear me?"

Noah Reed hear the urgency in Savin's voice and bolted out of his office, tricorder in hand. Reaching the bed with the unconscious form of their most important patient, he flipped open the handheld device and popped out the hand scanner. The tricorder began taking emitting beeps and whistles as Reed waved the sensor over the man. "Report. What do you know about his condition? What caused this?"

Oblivious to the bleeps and whistles, Savin focused on the chief medical officer instead. "He is stunned," he reported, "Commander Taeler has fired a phaser at him, for reasons yet to be determined. I transported here with him, while others are coming in on foot. I believe the commander will require medical treatment as well." He paused, briefly looking down at the captain. "Perhaps the captain can better explain what happens, when he rouses?"

At that very moment Kane sucked in a deep breath. "Uh..." he groaned uncomfortably, aware of his personal space being invaded. He squinted at the two medical officers. "Where...oh. Sickbay." He winced, a tingle down his shoulder and arm the only sensation he could muster from that side of his body. "Where's Commander Taeler?"

The readings on Doctor Reed's tricorder reflected the truth of the injury. His eyebrows shot up in surprise at the cause of the incident and folded up the device as he muttered faintly in response, "Hopefully in the brig." He then grabbed a hypospray from the nearby crash cart and pressed it to Captain Kane's neck, releasing pain numbing medicine into his bloodstream with a quiet hiss. He then pulled open a drawer on the cart, selecting a specific tool and closing the drawer again. "This dermal regenerator should help patch things up. On low settings, it mends stun effects rather well." With that explanation, he activated it and pressed the palm-sized device to Jacob's upper chest, ensuring overlap of the affected area. A green light shone onto his uniform around the tool as Reed started moving it back and forth over the area.

"Commander Taeler is on her way to sickbay sir," Savin answered calmly, "under security escort. Can you tell us what happened? Why did she stun you?"

"Something happened to her." Kane leaned back on the bed as the doctor did his work. "Something is happening; she thought I was a Cardassian. And the room looked strange to me, too. There's something sinister at work on the crew and we need to find out what it is." He looked at Savin. "You must have seen something too?"

Savin shook his head. "No sir, I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary for myself. I have, however, heard things happening from others. Can you describe how the room looked to you, and how it made you feel?"

"It was..." Kane hesitated. He was never one to openly discuss feelings. Nor admit weakness. But this was an exception. "The lights went down. It was dark. There were voices. It's difficult to describe, but I remember feeling extreme...anxiety." The last part was particularly difficult to ascribe. "It would stand to reason that Commander Taeler might have felt something similar."

"Possibly," Savin admitted, "I shall endeavour to speak with her too, once she gets here." He looked up at Noah, frowning ever so slightly. "I recommend some rest," he told the CMO, "perhaps it will give him some clarity to explain what happened in more detail."

Reed glanced at Kane and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "Don't suppose you'd want a mild sedative before the commander arrives?" The statement was part joke to break up the mood and part serious, in case the good captain needed it to sooth his nerves.

"No." Kane's words were firm. "I want to be lucid when she gets here. I need to..." he paused a fraction to consider how to explain. "I need to explain that I understand."

"If she gets here," Savin commented, "I thought they were coming here, but it is possible I am mistaken. I recommend you take the sedative captain, you and the commander can speak later. You need rest."

"Your recommendation is noted. Both of you." Kane grimaced as he shifted in the bed. "If my First Officer is compromised I want to make sure at least one of us is still able to command."

Savin shook his head, looking over to he CMO for support. "No captain. I am certain the Second Officer can manage, while you rest."

"I think Commander Shan is more than capable of having the bridge while you rest a bit, sir. We need you in top shape and a few hours rest will make a huge difference." Reed tried to be persuasive about the matter, figuring that it was a balanced compromise to the captain not resting at all.

Kane scowled again. "Your noted..." he growled, forcing himself to a semi-upright position. "I've been stunned. It's not like I'm dying; the effects won't impair my ability to command a starship." The dull ache in his shoulder notwithstanding, he certainly felt like he meant it.

Before anyone else in the trio could speak up, the sickbay doors opened, and in walked Commander Taeler herself, accompanied by Ausra and Kevan.


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