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Posted on Sat Sep 28th, 2019 @ 6:29pm by Captain Jacob Kane

Mission: Shakedown
Location: CO's Ready Room - USS Athena
Timeline: MD-01
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It was frustrating, after a while, Kane realised. Having to sit on your hands while your ship underwent refit and refurbishment. He wasn't really in a position to complain; the Athena was a little overdue for a spring clean. Warp core upgrades, nacelle realignment, and the squeak in his command chair. All important tasks.

Sipping a hot coffee as he scrolled through yet more updates from various engineering teams, Kane stifled a little yawn just as the monitor on his wall lit up with the Starfleet Command emblem. Incoming transmission. He quickly set-aside the work and punched it up on the viewer, immediately surprised to see the familiar face of Commodore J'Onn, a tutor at the Academy and Kane's long-time mentor.

"Commodore. I wasn't expecting the call."

"Indeed," the Vulcan nodded. "I had wished to send you congratulations on your new command sooner."

"So that's not why you were calling?" Kane asked.

"Regrettably not." J'Onn leaned back in his chair, San Francisco bay visible out of the window behind him. "You remember my son, Stovik?"

"I do. He must have graduated now, surely?" Kane asked. The older Vulcan's son had been inspired by the journey of both his father and his protege over time.

"Ensign Stovik," J'Onn nodded. "Was reported missing five days ago. He did not return from shore leave with a colleague. It was...uncharacteristic of him."

"Tell me more," Kane replied, leaning forward.

"His sojourn was to the planet Aquilon, apparently a world possessing natural beauty. I believe his friend, Ensign Sylvia Drake, was the primary mastermind behind their decision to travel there. My encounters with her suggest she is...enthusiastic. Prone to flights of fancy."

"Aquilon isn't far from here..." Kane noted, rubbing his beard.

"It would be inappropriate for me to redirect Starfleet resources to that location, however, while the USS Athena is under repair I believe her commanding officer may have some capacity to assist?" The Vulcan's tone was hopeful, but absolutely logical, in the circumstances.

"I'm sure we can go take a look..." Kane shrugged. It didn't seem like that big of a deal in his mind. A few days there and back to rescue a pair of wayward officers.

"I would recommend caution, Commander; latest intelligence suggests there may be Orion-backed privateers in the area," J'Onn added. Kane frowned. He had a little bit of a chip on his shoulder when it came to pirates and smugglers.

"I'll be in touch in a few days, Commodore. We'll get him back," Kane nodded. "Peace and long life, sir."

"Live long and prosper, Commander."

The image winked-out. Kane took a moment to finish his coffee as he stared at the pile of PADDs on his desk, then he touched his communicator. They'd need someone able to track down the missing officers. Probably wise to take a scientist. And someone from security with experience.

"Kane to Lt Commander Parr. I need you to bring Lt Mortigar to my ready room. And Lieutenant Sar, too."

He sat back in his chair and waited, the reports on his desk no longer on his mind.

Lt Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena


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