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A little light counseling

Posted on Fri Jun 28th, 2024 @ 4:34am by Lieutenant Commander Savin & Lieutenant JG Astrja Kyan

Mission: Into the Qniverse
Location: Counselling Offices
Timeline: Before arrival
1033 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Astrja straightened her uniform, it just would not keep from riding up, and tapped the door chime. "Lieutenant Kyan here to see the counselor, I have an appointment."

"Come in," Savin called out, already having moved to the comfortable seats in his office. His PADD rested on his lap as his guest came in and he cast her a welcoming smile. "Lieutenant Kyan, please have a seat, and help yourself to something to drink if you like any. Normally,I would do it but I fear my condition is currently lacking. I hope you do not mind?"

"Not at all," said Astrja. "May I get you something while I am up?" She keyed the replicator to produce a glass of chocolate milk for herself.

"That is very kind of you. Please,the same as you are having." He had turned ever so slightly to keep line of sight and the discomfort of that move showed on his face. "How have you been, since the rescue?"

Astraja set the glass in easy reach for the counselor. "Well enough. It was strange, I know I contributed to the rescue, but somehow . . ." she took a seat on the edge of a chair. "Maybe because I never really felt that I was in danger? It just seemed like another problem to solve. I heard phaser fire and saw unconscious pirates but it was all . . . distant." She sipped at the chocolate milk, trying to gather her thoughts. "I am not sure what I expected."

"You were well protected while doing what you needed to do," the counselor suggested, "you say you are not sure what you expected. What were your thoughts and feelings when you were down there?" He sipped the cold beverage once, then set it aside.

"I am not sure," she replied, toying with the glass. "Maybe it is because I know how badly the marines suffered that I feel it was . . . unfair? That my part of the mission went so well when other people were hurt."

"But it could just as easily have been your team," Savin pointed out, "why do you feel it was unfair?" He watched her toy with the glass, watched how she sat and how her antennae swayed when she spoke.

She turned her hands palms up, the Andorian equivalent of a shrug, "If I understood it, I would not need a counselor, ie?" She smiled. "It is just . . . a feeling. Not that I did something wrong. Maybe that there was something more I could have done? It is annoyingly just out of my mental grasp."

"I do not know what you could have done that would have changed the outcome. You could not have known that the other team walked into a trap." He deliberately said 'other' instead of 'my' team. "Feelings are what make you do not need to understand them."

Astrja nodded. "It may partly be emotional bleed, Shiv, that is Specialist Chyne, one of the marine survivors and a fellow Andorian. Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone with a shared cultural background, ie?" She took a sip of her chocolate milk. "We talked, she cried, we cuddled." She paused, he was a counselor, this would not be a surprise. "We had sex, intense, passionate sex. She cried some more, we slept. The next morning, she was gone. The loss of her squad hit her really hard. I guess I have just been thinking about that a lot. How it would be to lose people close to me?"

Savin nodded in understanding even though he had no personal experience in that area since he had never experienced that kind of intimacy with anyone. He had, however, lost people that were dear to him despite them still being alive. "Have you spoken with her since?" He asked quietly, "a shared cultural background is a good thing to have when so far away from home. And being military does mean you may lose someone you care for either because they transfer, or because they are killed while on mission. "

"I have left messages for Shiv but have only received automated replies," said Astrja. "She will get back in touch when she is ready, I hope."

She pondered. "While I know conceptually that Starfleet is a military and that there are those risks . . . this mission was the first time they became more than just possibilities. People died. Not friends but people I had seen and were part of our crew. That, I think, might be it. It is one thing to know someone might get killed on a mission, or to hear about it on another ship, but to have it happen so nearby. . ." her voice trailed off.

"How does this knowledge and realization make you feel?" The counselor encouraged, "and if you feel Shiv needs space I encourage you to provide it, but also, let her know she is not alone and welcome to come to you if she needs it."

Astrja nods. "I actually feel much better now, suddenly everything seems to fit. I am still saddened by the loss of the marines but it . . . has a proper context now, I think."

Savin nodded in understanding. "Context does help. And being there for your friend will also help, both of you. And my door is always open, should you feel a desire to rant or vent. That too, is what I am here for."

"I am not much of a ranter, I am afraid," said Astrja. "And I usually vent to my cousin if there is something bothering me but I will keep you in mind," she said with a smile. She stood. "I guess unless there is something else, I will be heading out."

"If there is something else, it will not be from me," Savin pointed out, "I am a counselor, my purpose is to listen and help, not point out prospect issues." He continued to smile. "Good day lieutenant, and remember to tell your marine friend you are there for her if she needs someone. Voicing support is important."

"I will pass that on next time we talk, thank you for your time," said Astrja with a wave as she headed out.


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