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Evening drinks

Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 @ 8:38pm by Captain Jacob Kane

Mission: Shakedown
Location: USS Athena, Mess Hall
Timeline: Before MD01
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Kane eyed the personnel file on the PADD in front of him, restlessly stalking the silent, empty officers' mess. With basically no senior staff having arrived as yet, his first order of business had been to bring in his number two - his right hand man (or woman). Having been a First Officer for years, Kane knew the sort of individual he needed.

Trill. Joined, too. That was always a bonus. Kane valued experience, and they didn't come much better than someone with several lifetimes of it. Tactically astute. Apparently a martial arts afficionado. The sort of man who led by example. Kane wondered for a moment if Tobin Parr was going to be too much like himself.

As the doors opened to allow entry, Kane turned on his heel and faced the older-looking Trill that entered.

"Lieutenant Commander Parr. Thank you for joining me." He motioned to a table, where he'd already set up a pair of glasses and a bottle of something blue. "Please, take a seat."

Since joining the Athena Tobin had cautiously anticipated meeting his new Commanding Officer. The last time he served as a First Officer the Captain wasn't thrilled to have him at her right hand, it took years for him to earn Jenny's respect and forge a friendship, he was hoping that wouldn't be the case here.

On the walk to the mess he had stelled himself by remembering the details of his orders. This wasn't war, he wasn't just sent there to plug a hole. He had been requested. Tobin was determined to prove that faith was justified and he could still serve with the best of them.

Meeting in the officers mess was a little more informal than he had come to expect after reading his new Commanders file. Some of his friends at HQ had even warned Tobin that the man was more Klingon than Human. But Tobin had worked with Klingons and knew how to handle them. Clutching the most recent intelligence reports on a PADD in his hand he nodded politely to his new Commander and sat neatly in the chair. Giving his uniform a sharp tug he looked past the contraband on the table and straight to Jacob.

"No problem Captain, I'm sorry I was a little late." Tobin said sliding the PADD across the metal surface of the table with the tips of his fingers. "Admiral Monroe has made me privy to the latest intelligence reports, I was getting caught up. "He said sincerely gesturing firmly at the PADD. "I've highlighted some sections of interest and added my own analysis." He added with a slight melancholy tone to his voice.

"Thank you." Kane set the PADD aside momentarily. Admiral Monroe might be sending them intelligence reports, but he knew that Admiral Harrington was the only one who could actually make them act on those. He regarded the Trill opposite for a moment. "What's your first impression of the Athena, Commander?" he asked rather bluntly.

Tobin paused for a moment before answering. It could be a trick question, CO's could take overwhelming pride in even the worst of vessels. He reclined slightly in his chair. "She has potential." He replied diplomatically. "She's got good bones, but several key systems are still in need of work." He added to clarify his position.

"Glad to see you agree," Kane nodded. "Let's hope that's not the last time that happens." He tipped a little of the ale into the two glasses on the table. "I'll be honest, Commander; I'm not one of those commanding officers that likes to play nice and diplomatic. I guess that's why they put me in charge of a warship." He motioned around the bulkheads. "Sometimes Starfleet needs their captains to be ready for a shoot-out if it comes down to it. In my opinion, far too many people expect us to be diplomats and scientists. That's not really what I'm about." He took a sip of his glass. "What about you? What are you about?"

Courteously taking his own glass Tobin breathed in the aroma of the liquid. It instantly forced open his sinuses like a breath of cool fresh air. Gathering himself for a moment he took a big sip. "Excellent kali-fal!" He stated resting the glass down with a satisfying clink. "You've read my file sir, so you know I've been around for a while." He remarked picking up the glass again and taking another long sip. "Over the years I've been an artist, a diplomat, a scientist and a soldier. You can expect facets of my previous experiences in all my work." He continued to cradle the glass in his hands. "I'll do everything I can to keep the ship and the Federation safe.........that includes looking after your well being Captain!" He added sincerely with a warm professional smile he inherited from a past host.

Tobin knew many captains who had an uncanny knack for putting themselves at risk, and he had a feeling Jacob would be one of them. A combat vet who keeps real Romulan ale on the ship instantly spoke volumes that this was a man who could live on the edge. "Tell me sir, have you ever served with a joined Trill before?" He asked reaching for the bottle to top up his glass.

"Probably a few, over time," Kane nodded. "I've always valued their insight, from a variety of perspectives. I assumed you would be no different."

Cradling the glass in his hands Tobin savoured the aroma of the blue liquid and smiled slightly. "There are a few unique perspectives that I may have to offer." He stated warmly taking a sip from the glass. "I can't promise you'll always like it. But I can promise you and the crew will have nothing but my best." He stated resting the glass down with another satisfying clink.

Just as Tobin had rested the glass down on the table the doors swooshed open as Jessica came quickly pacing in to the room. "Dad of all the embarassing things you have ever done in my life this morning just takes the........." She rambled, trailling off as soon as she caught sight of Jacob sitting at the table with her dad. "Oh hello.....I mean sorry....... for interrupting, sir, Captain, sir." She stammered turning bright red and bolting to attention.

Tobin blushed a little himself. "Captain Kane, may I introduce my daughter Cadet Jessica Farren." He said with a sigh. "Please Pardon the intrusion, I'll make sure to go over protocol with Cadet Farren tonight." He added.

"Be sure that you do," Kane noted. He looked at the young woman in front of him. It had been a long time since he'd been that young and eager. "What about you, Cadet? Why are you in Starfleet?" he asked.

Jessica smiled apologetically. This was not how she planned on meeting the Captain at all. "The chance to practice medicine on the very cutting edge of the frontier sir." She rambled. "Not to mention my moms a doctor and my dad is in........" She trailled off noticing she was rambling again. "Well I guess you know my dad." She blushed.

Tobin looked over at her with a little bit of pride. Jessica had always been eager to please and do both him and her mum proud. Sometimes she needed a little saving from herself. Rising effortlessly from his seat he rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Captain, if I may be excused I have an engagement with the Cadet." He stated. "This engagement may, or may not include sampling the menu in the new lounge facility. You would be welcome to join us." Tobin enquired. He had hoped a social setting would at least put his daughter at ease, not to mention it was always good for a crew to see their CO socialising.

"The offer is appreciated, Mr Parr, but I know when to leave families to spend time together." Kane nodded at the young woman. "So long as it won't interfere with your duties on board?" he added that last line with a mix of both challenge and jest. It was good that his XO had her close, but by the same token he didn't want there to become a distraction.

"No sir, completely focused sir." She replied with almost the same practiced pleasant tone her father used. Tobin smiled a little from pride. 'Could have gone worse'. He thought. "Cadet, wait for me outside. I'll be one moment."
Tobin ordered. He rested a hand on Jessica's shoulder reassuringly. "Aye, Dad......I mean sir!" She replied with a slight blush. "Captain a pleasure." She said politely to Jacob before promptly pacing back out the room. As she got to the door Tobin could hear her cursing to herself. He stifled back a Chuckle, then tugged his uniform straight to regain composure.

"She's a bit overly exuberant some times, but she'll make a good officer." Tobin remarked watching the door. "I'd better go make sure she isn't too spooked. Permission to be dismissed Captain." He asked as professionally as he could given the circumstances.

"Back to it, Commander," Kane nodded, finishing his drink. "I'd better find my way back to my quarters too."

"Good night Captain." Tobin said sincerely before walking casually to the door. 'Now this is a man I can work with.' He thought to himself with a confident smile.

Back out in the corridor he linked arms with Jessica. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you little one. How about dinner?" He asked rhetorically as the door walked off down the corridor.


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