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Why'd It Have To Be Orions?

Posted on Thu Nov 14th, 2019 @ 11:29pm by Captain Jacob Kane & Lieutenant Dessame Sar

Mission: Shakedown
Location: USS Athena, Main Bridge
Timeline: MD-03
990 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Sat in the Captains seat Tobin tapped the ends of his fingers impatiently on the edges of the arm rests. The away team were late reporting in and after his conversation with Korok he was getting concerned.

The Athena was mostly finished with her refit and the temptation to go looking for them was growing.

A few engineers were left on the bridge running tools over exposed circuits or double checking displays with tricorders. But mostly it was just the bridge crew now. The stations had temporarily been assigned to junior officers while they awaited senior staff. But if the ship was needed then they were ready.

"Miss Chung, how long has it been now?" Tobin asked glancing over in the direction of the Ops kiosk.

Kelly flicked a stray strand of jet black hair from her eyes and glided her elegant fingers quickly across the console.

"Away team is now four hours over due sir." She reported in her eyes checking and double checking the communications log.

"I know you didnt expect to be assigned to the bridge, but relax you're doing fine." Tobin replied reassuringly.

"I think we've given it long enough!" He thought out loud. Walking purposefuly up to the helm Tobin rested a hand on S'Rells shoulder. "Ensign, bring the engines on line and prepare pre-flight checks." He ordered confidently.

"Sir?" S'Rell queried quirking an eyebrow.

Tobin patted her shoulder reassuringly. "I'll take the heat for this one Ensign, you have your orders!"

S'rell nodded in acknowledgement and worked her fingers quickly over the console. It beeped harmoniously in response. As she worked a bouncing hale tone from the ops console filled the air.

"Captain its erm the Captain!" Kelly urgently reported in. 'Thank god!' Tobin thought relaxing his posture.

"Ensign S'Rell stand down pre-flight, Miss Chung put them on main viewer." He ordered gesturing to the view screen.

The standard bulk head that filled the viewer flickered cleanly to life giving a slightly disheveled view of the 4 members of the away team. "Captain, it's good to hear from you sir, I was just about to send a search party." Tobin quipped noting the state of the officers.

"Commander Parr. Nothing to report as yet. We're conducting our investigations here on the surface at the moment. There is no need to be concerned at this point; the locals are very slowly providing information. I hope we'll have this resolved within a day or two."

Tobin nodded. "Copy that sir." He replied casually as he gestured to the tactical kiosk. "Chief McFadden, is transmitting some recent tactical reports from the Klingons." He added while the chief busily punched away at the control pad in front of him. "Seems like the Orions have been responsible for some recent abductions in the area, not much of a lead but it may give you something to go on." He offered. Andrew pushed the final few controls and nodded to confirm the reports had been sent.

The chief's hands glided across the console as she sent the reports to his superior. The Klingons had been acting up in the area for some reason, as of yet they didn't know, but the Orion's were the more worrisome factor. Active Intel suggested they were abducting locals, visitors from places that they let their guard down such as the spot the away team were investigating. He knew his Boss, Lt. Sar, had a 'thing' about Orion's but didn't know why or how deep it went within her. The mere mention of them made her tense up and her walls went up as he had tried to get to know her. Hopefully the Captain would decide whether or not to tell her, albeit being the Chief of Security she would need to know, but the Captain would know her history. McFadden didn't.

On the screen, Kane rubbed his beard habitually. "Orions. We're a little far from their space but it's not unheard-of. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious. We'll keep this between us, though. I'd rather the folks here don't get unnecessarily spooked - we might get into trouble for leaking that sort of news around a resort world, truth or not."

"Agreed." Tobin replied. "Panic Side if the Orions are behind the officers disappearance I'd hate to tip them off." He added. Tobin glanced back at Andrew. "Mr Mortigar we have a present for you as well. General Korok sent over specs for a transporter the Orions are reported to use. He says it can cut through shields........ although he has been known to boast." Andrew worked a few of the controls and sent the specifications in the same prompt and efficient manner he displayed earlier.

The Evoran pushed himself into view on the viewscreen. "Oh hello Commander," he said just as his tricorder made an audible sound indicating the receipt of the data. He quickly reviewed the information and made a few muttering sounds. "Such a transporter could be responsible for the traces we found down here." He tapped at his handheld device to share the scans with the ship. "Have science run a particle trace on the logs I just sent and cross-reference what you find with the data from the orbital satellites. It may give us a lead on the abductors."

Tobin nodded glanced across at Kelly. "Transmission confirmed. I'm forwarding it to science lab one." She reported in promptly. "I'll chase this up and be in touch shortly." Tobin replied.

"Good work, Commander. Keep an eye on the sky for us. With a little luck we should have something to report soon," Kane noted.

"Hopefully nothing to do with Orions." Dessame stated very matter of fact. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as she even said their name. If they were involved she would have to try VERY HARD to remain calm and collected. She was sure she could handle it.


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