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Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2019 @ 10:41pm by Captain Jacob Kane & Lieutenant Dessame Sar

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Aquilion
Timeline: MD-03
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Kane took the lead as the landing party stepped-down from the runabout onto the surface of Aquilion. Ahead of them, the main resort buildings towered, crisp and modern white structures where he could see various folks milling around - some of them having seen the urgent descent of their craft.

Not far away, a small contingent of uniformed individuals were emerging and making their way towards the landing site, either security personnel or engineers. Possibly both.

The apparent leader of those that approached, rather than the Tellarite from earlier, was in fact a flustered-looking human. Maybe a subordinate, told to deal with the problem.

"Mister Thompson, resort administration and complaints resolution..." the man introduced himself. Clearly rehearsed. "I'm afraid you can't park your vehicle here, this is a reserved parking space for premium-standard visitors."

"Excellent. We're glad you could save it for us," Kane replied, advancing and patting the man on the shoulder. "Right now we're in a bit of a rush and I'm sure you'll want us out of your hair as soon as possible. The best way to make that happen would be to help us out with our enquiries and then we can be on our way, right?"

"R-right...?" the flustered gentleman responded, a little confused.

"Good. Well, my colleagues and I are just going to need to ask you and your people a few questions about some missing friends of ours. Shouldn't take long, and I'm sure that you wouldn't want to upset anyone." He leaned over to speak in the man's ear. "The short one over there, the Evoran - he's got a really mean temper. Apparently they've been known to rip people's fingers off when they get mad. Supposedly they're a delicacy? Maybe we should try to keep him happy...?" His words drew a gulp from Thompson, who glanced nervously at Mortigar then nodded awkwardly.

"Yes sir..."

"Perfect. Glad you could see things my way." Kane looked over at his team. "Lieutenants, I think we have an understanding. Spread out and stay in contact."

Jorge grinned mischievously and crouched over to whisper in Morty's ear. "You eat fingers?" He queried in a hushed tone.

"I had a lady's finger once," he replied softly. Knowing that his answer might cause some confusion, he explained further. "I believe humans call them okra. Delicious in salads if I do say so myself." Morty smiled.

Noting the sweat on Thompson's brow, Kane urged him on a little quicker, making a mental note to commend his Science Officer later on for playing along.

The quartet with their escort entered the grand reception area of the resort. The space was massive, with various fountains and sculptures made everything seem a lot more regal and luxurious. It was sparsely occupied, too. Evidently the place was designed to make guests feel a little more alone, a deliberate marketing tool, perhaps. Kane looked over at his team.

"All right. Do what you can to find anything on our missing officers. Try to stick close to one another, we have no idea what to expect here."

Jorge flipped his tricorder open and with a few light flicks of his surgeons fingers started a scan for Vulcan life signs. 'Can't see many of those coming here.' He thought to himself. As his tricorder beeped away he glanced up at Dessame
"Captain says to stick close, perhaps we should look around together?" He asked flashing her a charming pearly white smile.

"Sounds good to me Doctor." Dessame replied as she ran her fingers across one of the sculptures. Smiling at the elegance of the place she just couldn't believe that some people found this attractive. She liked that it was quiet, and opened her mind to the surroundings. "Find any of our friends?" she asked vaguely.

Jorge watched her fingers slide across the smooth stone. His mind wandered as his eyes followed. 'Shame this is work and not vacation.' He thought to himself as he tried to imagine her in a swimsuit. His attention quickly snapped back to reality. As his tricorder beeped loudly and rapidly. "No, but I am getting some unusual trace readings." He reported in. His boyish charm and slick demeanour flicking to his straight professional persona.

"I'm picking up phased traces of Vulcan DNA like a transported. But I'll need Lieutenant Mortigar to confirm." He added his eyes fixed to a clearing near a large fountain.

As if on cue, the Evoran opened up his own tricorder and began to scan the area. He nodded in confirmation to the Doctor's findings. He tapped at the hand-held device. "A Vulcan was here as recently as two days ago. However, without running some tests in a proper lab, I cannot confirm whether or not it is the Vulcan we are looking for."

"It's a start," Kane mused. "Keep looking and asking around. Someone here knows something, and I'm going to find out who."

A chance to be alone with a beautiful woman, Jorge just couldnt resist this. "What do you say Dessame? You, me, and the beach?" He asked shooting her a smouldering look deep into her eyes.

"Yes. I'll be sure that you don't drown under the weight of your expectations here." she said looking at him as she didn't need to be a telepath, or empath, to know what his thoughts and feelings were towards her at that moment in time. "After you Doctor." Dessame motioned.

Lt Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Mortigar
Chief Science Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant JG Jorge Melendez (Par)
USS Athena

Lieutenant Dessame Sar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
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