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Exercising Views

Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 3:59pm by Captain Jacob Kane

Mission: War Games
Location: Proving Grounds
Timeline: 2396
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It felt a little strange being present at the proving grounds, Kane decided. His restlessness since the Athena's arrival hadn't abated in the few days since, and he was starting to realise why; the whole affair was playing host to some of Starfleet's finest commanding officers. Just some of the names of the ships he could see already assembled out there: Vesta, Majestic, Andromeda. These were the sorts of ships he'd read about before he'd taken command himself. And supposedly he was going up against some of them in the exercises to come.

He wistfully folded his arms and stared out across the viewing port - an incredible view of at least a dozen starships lined-up information - it was a sight he probably could have taken in all day, if he had the time. He reluctantly turned to leave, only to hesitate as he spotted another uniform rounding the corner, with Captain's pips. He straightened out of habit, pulling himself to his full height as his mind raced unsuccessfully to place the face and name together.

The woman offered a warm smile as spotted the man enjoying the view that she had herself come in search of. "Merry meet Commander." Ledeya greeted figuring he was either a Captain from Task Force A that she had not as of yet met or was an Executive officer who was escaping duties for a moment.

"Captain." Kane nodded formally, barely breaking from his more attention-like posture. Realising that as the junior officer he ought to introduce himself first, he added, "Commander Kane, USS Athena. I'm afraid we only just arrived, so I'm still getting to know everyone here."

"Captain Ledeya Ehestri USS Cosmos." Ledeya introduced herself back holding out her hand to the man to formally introduced herself. She might not be human but most people apart from Vulcan's took handshaking as a professional greeting. "You are the newest ship to join the Task Force I believe?"

"That's right. Athena has been in drydock for the last few weeks but we're back on active duty now. Lost half my senior staff to reassignments in the process, but we'll cope with a few exercises." He restlessly shifted between feet momentarily. "I'm still not certain what it is they're expecting from us, though."

"How was your dry dock experience?" The Cosmos had just completed her own dry dock but it was a badly done one that would require them to go back after the War Games to iron out some kinks and major issues in the operational systems. "Nothing overly. We want to see how everyone fairs, what issues and assistance people need to fulfil the potential of themselves, crews and ships."

"Drydock is like a ball-and-chain for a starship commander," he remarked. "I'm looking forward to getting her out there and doing some good. If that means showing-up some other crews in a wargames exercise, that's fine by me, but really I'm just ready to be back on the frontier leading the line."

"Any idea where you will be heading?" The woman wondered indicating the chairs that they could sit down and have a proper discussion. "A wargame is a good starting ground for a crew. Something to build upon and learn from." The woman added as she sat down elegantly.

"Somewhere out past Starbase 50 I expect. Probably close to Breen or Tzenkethi space. There will be a few on my crew who haven't been out there that long, so these games are a good learning opportunity for them I expect." Kane frowned. "How are you expecting the Cosmos to fare?"

"I have a few cadets and inexperienced crew myself. That time of year." Ledeya said thoughtfull thinking summer was just around the corner. "You should stop off at Starbase 261 if you are out that place," Ledeya said thinking of Kaleetha Sloan and Jared Rosado. They were out in the general direction.

"I'll bear that in mind, though I'm obviously bound by orders," Kane noted. "You seem to know quite a few of the commanders around, anyone I should keep an eye out for? In the spirit of competition, of course."

Ledeya chuckled a little at the comment about knowing people. She only knew people because she had spent the last week getting to know people and networking. "Of course. Not that I can think of. it is always nice to meet people in same situation. I only know because I have taken the time to get to know everyone." The woman offered a calm smile to the man. It must be hard to be new and to be thrust into an event like this.

"I may have missed the boat on networking, sadly," he replied. Arriving late to the party (literally) meant he was disadvantaged anyway. Most of the commanders would already have started mixing, even if they hadn't met one another first. "I'll be sure to catch up with them later," he continued. "After Athena has shown them up, of course," he added with a smirk.

Ledeya looked at the man and rolled her eyes. "Cannot say smugness suits you, Commander. Nothing stopping networking there are still a few more days before it all ends. Happily introduce you to people."

"I'll bear that in mind," he said. They'll be wanting to meet me in the aftermath, that's for sure, he added to himself. "After all, we're here to learn, aren't we?"

The Betazoid nodded. "We are here to learn. Everyone should be learning all the time otherwise we are forgetting the Starfleet values of discovery." The woman sounded philosophical for a moment before looking back out at the ship display that was in front of her.

Kane restrained himself from rolling his eyes. Clearly she was yet another one of those Captains. "Discovery is all well and good, but Starfleet needs to remember how to protect its citizens," he replied, somewhat assertively. "I believe in the ideals of the Federation, so much so that I think it would be foolish to allow ourselves to become complacent. Starfleet exists to defend as much as it exists to explore, and too many people forget that."

Ledeya let a smirk cross her face. "Commander... I was on Betazed for the occupation, I've helped with the relief efforts that are still going on twenty years after the last war. You are preaching to the wrong person." She said gently in a patient tone. "I would be the first person firing a shot if I thought the discovery that peace has allowed us to get back to was threatened."

"Then you understand," he nodded. It was rare, in his experience, to find a commander that felt that way. "Perhaps these games will be a way of making sure others understand that need."

"Maybe. But I would heed some caution in your thoughts to other people Commander. Not everyone shares my views or sympathies." Ledeya said carefully as she rose from her chair tugging her uniform back into place properly. Her views were known to the people who needed to know but she was older and had experience. She was not a Commander or just earning her first commission.

"Hmph." Kane made a little sound. He understood her position well enough. He'd been waiting for the command he'd been given longer than she probably realised. "Maybe they should," he murmured to himself, looking back out the window at the passing ships.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena - TG 72a


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