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Mission End...and Start

Posted on Thu Mar 31st, 2022 @ 2:37pm by Commodore Jacob Kane

With that, we come to the close of "With Gleaming Eyes". I realise things were a little rocky around the middle there, but we got it across the line which is what counts!

We'll be launching into our 'Series Finale' story, titled "Ares Ascending", almost immediately. In-game characters have about 24 hours between the instruction to head for Rondac and the ship arriving. As I've mentioned, this plot will be a tiny bit tighter and shorter than others, as there are a few threads I want to tie off - however, there's still plenty of scope to play around within that, and as always if you have ideas do ask!

Personal highlights of this last mission:

- Fun with eggs in a mine. If you'd had an easter bunny in there we might have let you keep going over Easter.

- Teyo. Just Teyo. I don't need to say anything else.

- The Transport Of Shame.

- Savin, as always, wandering off and getting into trouble (it's almost a meme at this point)

Following the end of "Ares Ascending" we'll be giving space for a break, character development arcs and a general breather. Out-of-character I'll also be looking to take the crew's temperature on a number of topics - the way missions are being run, how you feel about the sim, plans for the future, etc. Kieran and I would love to hear your feedback when the time comes, so please do engage with that.


The USS Athena is literally the best sim in Obsidian Fleet. We have the award to prove it now! Thank you to each and every one of you for making sure we made this game fun and engaging. I'll make sure I hang our 'Platinum Sim of the Year' sign somewhere everyone can see it. XD

As always, keep having fun.

- Paul
AKA Captain Kane


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