Mission One: Prelude

Created by Captain Jacob Kane on Sat Feb 22nd, 2020 @ 5:04pm

In our season prologue, Lt Commander Jacob Kane arrives on the USS Athena, a ship undergoing a six-month-long overhaul at Starbase 621 and with most of her senior staff reassigned.

In the midst of recruiting his new command crew, Kane is contacted by Commodore J'Onn of Starfleet Command - his former mentor and the reason Kane joined Starfleet. J'Onn's son (recenty graduated from the Academy) is missing on a resort planet not far from the USS Athena's drydock. Although unable to officially ask Kane to intervene, the Athena's CO knows a request for help when he sees one.

Taking a small crew - Lieutenants Sar and Mortigar, as well as the ship's surgeon - in a runabout, the quartet investigate a Federation Resort world in hopes of discovering new information.

Their arrival is dismissed - their presence unwelcome. But sensing more is afoot than at first glance, the group uncovers evidence of Orion piracy in the area, even so far as to discover Orions on the planet, using the resort at a front for their slaving activities.

Shooting their way out, the crew's runabout is attacked by a pair of Orion corvettes - but the arrival of Lt Commander Taeler Santu and the now action-ready USS Athena saves them from capture or destruction.

As the USS Athena commences her assignment on the fringes of Federation space, there comes concern that one of the Orion ships was commanded by a Breen soldier - the son of an infamous Breen fleet captain. And a man almost certain to seek revenge...