Mission Six: Ares Ascending

Created by Captain Jacob Kane on Thu May 26th, 2022 @ 11:06pm

Having pieced together the clues from their previous encounters, Captain Kane orders Athena to the Rondac system to investigate the supposedly decommissioned cloning facility there.

On arrival, they discover that the facility has indeed been reactivated by someone for reasons unknown.

Investigating, the crew discovers an active cloning programme, including gestating clones of themselves, apparently being prepared to take over the Athena and replace them. Gathering data from the computers, this project reveals the identities of dozens of sleeper agents in the Federation, ready to be activated at a moment's notice under the guise of "Operation Midnight".

Returning to the ship, Captain Kane orders the facility destroyed. Immediately after, however, a series of warp-destabilising satellites activate and trap the ship in orbit - to be confronted by a small fleet of Breen, Tzenkethi and Cardassian ships under the command of Admiral Jonathan White - the mastermind behind Operation Midnight.

Just as Athena looks to be hopelessly outgunned, a dozen Starfleet ships arrive, including the Vesta, Cosmos, Gladiator, Cavalier and the Colossal.

Battle is joined, and with the help of Starfleet, Athena emerges victorious - and Admiral White's ship is destroyed.

Meanwhile, on a hidden subterranean base, a captured Lt Keating and Gil Tolbar are interrogated - having been captured in the chaos. As Athena returns home without them (and carrying a cloned Keating) they plot their escape with the help of Lieutenant P'rel...

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