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Lieutenant Sturgis O'Connell

Name Sturgis Cannon O'Connell

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 200
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sturgis enjoys spending time at the gym, but only as a means to an end. Either way his body is evidence of time well spent. He walks with a silent confidence that commands respect. When stationary, he almost always has his hands crossed in front of him with one hand on his chin in thought.


Spouse Adrian Thomas (ex)
Children Cameron Mary O'Connell (Daughter, 6)
Evan Thomas O'Connell (Son, 4)
Father Leonard O'Connell
Mother Aeryn Smith

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sturgis isn’t much for socializing, though he will when it has a purpose. He’s the type of man that conveys their resolve and power through a sturdy, deliberate silence. Though he may not be overly outgoing, he does make a point to look out for his crew and his family.

Chess isn’t something that Sturgis indulges in just for fun. The practices one learns from the game is a way of life for the engineer. He is calculating and sometimes seems seemingly lost in thought, but in reality he's just planning out his next few moves. He decides on a plan and then tends to stick to it. This sometimes flows over onto his children who sometimes complain that he is too strict (though the complaints happen most often when he is forcing them to be responsible).

Although he is straight laced when on duty, he loves to let his inner child out when he gets home. He secretly has a very vivid imagination, often joining right in with his kids games. Living apart from his children has been the most difficult thing Sturgis has had to endure, but after the divorce and since the Athena doesn’t allow for families, he thought it best that Cameron and Evan stay with their mother. He makes it back to Earth to visit them as often as he can.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Respectable
- Strict
- Mostly Humorless
Ambitions One of his highest ambitions is to see those that he mentors succeed. He also wants his children to thrive and would one day like to repair his bond with Adrian. Beyond the needs of others, he would one day like to command a ship of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Sturgis loves to spend time with his family, though that task has been difficult of late. He is an avid fan of history and often buries himself in books or will sometimes watch documentaries on topics he finds of interest. His only creative outlet is playing with his kids or playing the saxophone, which he has picked back up recently.

Personal History He was born in Virgina to two Starfleet lawyers. The house was strict, but fair and Sturgis quickly found that actions had consequences in the O’Connell household. Any step out of line had an appropriate punishment. For example, during his eighth grade year of school, he missed a few homework assignments which most parents would have their child make up and be done with it. For Sturgis, he was required to make up the homework and then submit full page well written apology letters to each teacher explaining why he had missed the homework and what steps he would be taking to not be tardy in turing in assignments in the future.

Though the O’Connell house was very exacting, it was also full of just the right amount of love. Both of his parents made sure to show up to all of their children’s extracurricular activities and took pride in everything they did. Holidays were especially a fun time, when the whole family would take time away from everything to play games like charades along with cooking family recipes together.

Sturgis is the oldest of four and took his responsibilities as the oldest seriously. The youngest of them hasn’t been seen by anyone in the family in years, after a falling out with their father. Sturgis considers himself partly responsible for not keeping his younger sibling in line and for letting him walk away from the family without trying to resolve things peacefully. Turns out the theme of letting people go without a lot of fight would be a recurring theme in his life.

From a very young age, Sturgis knew he would enter Starfleet like both of his parents and for many years thought to become a lawyer. The JAG divisions of Starfleet seemed like the straightforward and most logical choice for a promising career, but after entering the Academy he found had a love for engineering. Since he excelled more at repairing engines than he did in prosecution or defense of trials, he made engineering his path.

Upon graduation he was assigned to the USS Yorktown where he met and fell in love with Adrian. They were married only a year later and soon had kids to follow. The two decided to part ways after seven years together on the Yorktown and Sturgis accepted a position on the USS Athena as a way of giving Adrian her own space.