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Lieutenant Ausra Danton

Name Ausra Danton

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140 LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ausra is a very beautiful woman but she has absolutely no idea of this, nor does she care about her appearance. She usually wears her hair long so that it can be pulled up in different ways. When not in uniform she wears comfortable often baggy clothing that some might call old fashioned, or even antique. Slightly taller than average, she stands out a bit in a crowd but will remain blissfully unaware.


Father George Danton
Mother Amilie Lewis-Danton
Brother(s) Paul, Rais Danton
Sister(s) Serafina Danton

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ausra is generally an optimistic person. She’s upbeat but not overly cheerful. Ausra has three layers to her personality and very few get to see all three. The first is what she shows to the outside world. She smiles and pretends to be friendly no matter what she is feeling. The second layer is what she shows those she considers to be colleagues, acquaintances and general friends. She will only allow them to get so close unless they earn her trust. The last layer she only shows to her family and extremely close friends and or lovers. These are the people who know her strengths and weaknesses and her secrets. Ausra likes to tease people and has a great sense of humor. She considers it a coping mechanism but a healthy one.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ausra’s greatest strength is her ability to organize and bring people together. Her greatest weakness is that she sometimes allows doubt to seep in and get the best of her.
Hobbies & Interests Ausra loves to read and write as well as do Yoga. She often combines Yoga with reading or writing. These hobbies help to clear her mind and focus her energy.

Personal History Ausra grew in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana on Earth. She was the second child born to Amelie and George Danton. She has an older brother Paul, a younger brother Rais, and a younger sister Serafina.

When she was fifteen years old Ausra witnessed her younger sister being hit by an antique land vehicle. Seven year old Serafina was nearly killed and to this day has learning and developmental disabilities from the accident and is confined to a hoverchair. To a teenage Ausra it felt as if her world had crumbled around her. Between the hospital visits and the extra effort it took to take care of her sister she withdrew from her friends and teachers. It took her many years to learn to be close to those not in her immediate family as she felt that no one understood what she and her family had gone through. To this day she still has trouble with intimacy.

Upon reaching adulthood Ausra decided that she wanted to learn to help others like her, who had experienced tragedies in their life. She went through Starfleet Academy and then Starfleet Medical and graduated near the top of her class. Upon graduating she was assigned to the USS Magellan as an assistant counselor. After serving on board for over a year she became moody and depressed. Due to some intervention by a friend she discovered that she wasn’t happy forcing officers to talk to her about their intimate problems. Ausra felt trapped in the role and didn’t think she was really helping anyone. At the two year mark she requested a leave of absence and went home to Earth to try and figure out what she really wanted to do with her life.

She spent a year on Earth trying to find her passion, finally deciding that what she loved best was nothing more than discovery. And what better way to help people than to make scientific advancements within the fleet. She rejoined the fleet on the USS Edwards as a science officer where she was stationed for two years. Her only difficulty being that she didn’t manage to make any close friends on that ship.

After two years she was transferred to the USS Beltane where she remained for a year as Assistant Chief Science Officer before requesting a new position on the USS Athena, pushing herself to become Chief Science Officer.

Ausra, despite her scientific interest, is very spiritual and considers herself Pagan because she still believes in things that can’t be seen and that there is a bit of magic in the universe around her. But she generally keeps her beliefs to herself fearing that she may someday be ridiculed.

Service Record 2384-2388 -Starfleet Academy
2388-2390 Starfleet Medical
2390-2392 USS Magellan as Assistant Counselor
2392-2393 Leave of Absence
2393-2395 USS Edwards- Science Officer
2395-2396 USS Beltane- Assistant Chief Science Officer
2396- Present USS Athena-Chief Science Officer